¿Qué hacer si te atacan?

Fist of man and against palm of woman

If you frequently use the Internet to watch music videos and short movie clips then you’ve probably watched frightening video footage of street assaults, robberies, bullying, and many other types of victimization. Shocking clips of barbarous behavior can also be used by large television news programs to highlight offense.


With fear for our personal safety an ever-present element in our everyday lives it’s not surprising that learning self-defense is a priority for so many people. There are infinite reasons for Joe or Jane Average to be targeted for an attack. For example, a normal bar bully is seeking to boost his ego and make you feel small and weak, possibly causing a physical confrontation he feels confident of winning.

He wants other people to see his excellence to you and will often crave an audience. By comparison, a street robber may use a jolt attack which will force you to hand over something, either using violence or the threat of violence. This sort of attacker may be completely stopped only from the fear of being heard or seen. He does not wish to be watched while committing a crime.

Street attack

If you’re unfortunate enough to be faced with a street attack of any sort then you should think about shouting or screaming for support. In the heat of the moment, clear thinking is vital for survival, and any self respecting training you’ve taken should help you think clearly and function properly.

Passers-by, or local residents, might not want to become concerned, fearful for their own safety, but when your attacker is worried about being caught then drawing attention to your situation could frighten him off. How dare you strike me! Some tips for victims of street robbery suggests only complying with your attacker’s need to preserve your safety, and it is often the best thing to do. Your life is a lot more important than your watch, your money, or your vehicle, but human nature can occasionally make it hard for us to concede defeat.


We can’t tolerate the injustice of a situation without fighting for what we think is appropriate. How many choices do you have if you’re facing an attack? How long do you must choose what to do? What if your attacker is threatening you with a knife, or a gun? What if there are two attackers, or three, or six? Being in a confrontational situation and facing the possibility of severe harm, or even death, is a frightening experience even for a well-trained individual.


It’s not possible to predict how you’ll react if you’re suddenly plunged into a world of violent hatred. Self-defense lessons will let you feel more confident in your daily actions, but if the moment ever comes when you’re forced to use your training there may be better choice.

No escape route?

Make as much noise as possible! In the heat of the moment you must always first seek an escape route. If you can’t run away then shout out help. Scream, blow a whistle, seem a private alarm, whatever is needed to draw as much attention to yourself as possible. Don’t be worried about waking people if it’s late. Do not worry about making a fool of yourself, just concentrate on your own survival. Fortunately, even in our apparently uncaring society, there are loads of people that will respond to cries for help, and one great citizen might make a massive difference.