¿Qué hacer como empresaria?

As we reach the end of October (2009), Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to share a story with you which doesn’t involve one particular girl, but women as a community and a thing. Last week I was given the chance not to be a speaker at the Women’s Business Development Conference & Expo, but to have the event from participants’ point of view also.

Tenga en cuenta

I need to say I was pleased to share in this event; I was proud to be part of the terrific effort to advance women in the business world. The women business owners’ conference left us with a message into the professional world that girls are here and we mean business. The Women’s Business Development Center, with the support of Office Depot and other businesses, put together a business expo for women business owners, earning a excellent turnout of specialist women.

Between meeting exciting, new people, attending my booth, giving a speech, listening to other incredible speakers and even participate in company match-making sessions, I could hardly take in everything that was out there. But as I stopped to take a deep breath and a mental break, I stumbled upon a massive realization: This was among the greatest”wow” moments of my career.


I was totally inspired by the large and diverse congregation of independent, strong women and even more astounded by the terrific support we were getting from executives and leading corporations. It felt great, as a woman, to eventually receive recognition for women’s collective efforts to make girls part of the basis of the company world.

To consider how much society and popular idea has changed only in my lifetime is somewhat unbelievable and yet here I was in a gorgeous place, with the latest and best technology and some of the most significant company characters in South Florida, all brought together with terrific opportunities to follow up with. It was no accident that the event happened in October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In this month we remind ourselves of the continuing collective battle girls are experiencing breast cancer.