¿Qué hacer después de la menopausia?

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It’s important for women to realize that menopause is a natural process and post-menopausal effects can be reduced by following a few easy advises. In this guide, we’ll discuss the common issues and consequences most women face after menopause and how they ought to be dealt to continue their life normally.


It’s the most common symptom that occurs after menopause because of low estrogen level. To minimize hot flashes, women should avoid alcohol, caffeine, hot and hot food and warm surroundings. Diet changes and relaxation therapies like yoga and meditation may also reduce the onset.

Excessive hair growth on face is due to hormonal imbalance following menopause. Facial hair can be removed by tweezing, waxing, and shaving or may also be bleached. Removal of facial hair by electrolysis is painful and costly by Laser treatment. As a result of extreme fall in estrogen level, the membranes of vagina thin and lose elasticity. Reduce lubricating fluids production can make sexual intercourse painful.

To reduce vaginal dryness, women should attempt to avoid strong soaps or using barrier creams. Bones tend to become thin as a result of reduced estrogen in body and cause osteoporosis. Ample intake of vitamin D can lower the risk of bone loss and may provoke calcium and nutrient absorption in body to generate bone strong. Skin care is another difficulty which follows menopause.

Women feel their skin becoming itchy and dry because of decrease in estrogen. With the addition of oils in their diet, they could fight and reduce this impact. Applying moisturizer immediately after taking brief shower lowers the dryness. Regular exercise can also improve complexion as body becomes extra blood and oxygen supply. The reason of gain weight after menopause can’t be explained.

Aumento de peso

It can be controlled by altering eating habits. More fiber containing foods such as fruits and vegetables should be included in diet and fatty foods should be avoided. Women should take melancholy as a new stage in life and must be accepted as thankfully. Women should think positively that none of these indicators would last forever. They could fight the symptoms and improve the standard of postmenopausal life by taking good care of them, by doing exercise and eating nutritious diet. They ought to recall the life after menopause is as ordinary as they create it.