¿Qué debe saber sobre la sal?

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If you believe that this name has a hidden meaning, you’re right. Health and fitness is largely about good nutrition. But never even say nourishment if you’re excluding salt in your diet. This is because our body needs adequate amounts of salt and minerals for peak performance and decent health.


Actually, very low salt content in our body causes a whole lot of malfunctions including growth in insulin levels that’s reliably related to diabetes, obesity, polycystic ovaries and cancer. So why should we ditch salt to minimize diseases and bring decent health? The response to this query can be found in the fact that there are two different types of salts, refined table salt and unrefined or sea salt. Refined salt is a rock faced killer while unrefined sea salt is a really essential life saver.

Having been so briefed we can now, temporally, rephrase the title of the article as “Shun Salt but not Unrefined Salt”. All the sins of processed salt, as we will list out, stem from the fact it is made up of 99 percent toxic chlorine and sodium and the remaining 1 percent are trace components and very toxic additives like iodine, fluoride and aluminum, while basic minerals are lacking. Refined salt is a deadly toxin within our body and is known as such by body immune system that always put up fierce battle to remove it and in doing so is itself diminished considerably.

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This is one way our body immune system is weakened. Additionally, refined salt is known to cause many degenerative ailments such as cancer, glaucoma, arthritis, stroke, stroke, kidney ailments, and much more. Because of lack of essential minerals, refined salt induces thyroid and adrenal issues. These glands play very important functions in the human body. Through the secretion of hormones, they maintain muscle strength, correct energy levels, blood glucose and blood pressure.

Additionally, refined salt causes constipation and the clogging of the colon by metabolic and toxic wastes. Refined salt induces elevated blood pressure through retention of sodium laden water in cells. While a neutral or slightly alkaline body pH is needed for peak operation of our body and well being of immune system, refined table salt generates acidic pH that weakens immune system and activate the numerous degenerative diseases already recorded. We now understand why health care professionals advise their patients to shun or decrease salt intake. We now know which kind of salt they imply – salt. Unrefined sea salt is what we need.

What makes it so great?

The goodness of unrefined salt is because of it’s very favorable chemical composition of 84 percent chlorine and sodium; 14 percent sulphur, magnesium, potassium and calcium; 2 percent essential trace elements. We already know that unrefined salt is a take it or perish food additive. Let’s now learn more. As a significant part of body fluid it keeps a healthy body pH; optimizes metabolism; digestion and transport of nutrients to body cells. A wholesome body pH is needed for peak performance of body functions including the organs, nerve functions, the glands, bowel movement, psychological and hormonal functions.

Unrefined salt assists in preventing bacterial infection, skin disease and allergies. Unrefined salt keeps our blood pressure at appropriate level by controlling body fluid and sending out extra sodium. Clearly, it’s not unrefined salt which people having elevated blood pressure should shun. It’s the popular refined table salt. Unrefined salt can regulate body fluid and expel excessive sodium as it contains minerals that allow it to do so. Let’s now hear from a physician. Dr. F. Batmanghelidj says that sea salt doesn’t raise blood pressure as it includes many essential minerals. He says it’s the deficiency of minerals in salt which makes it to increase blood pressure.


A biochemist in California, U.S.A, Dr. Jacques de Langre, Ph.D. 30 years states that sea salt will help to get rid of excess sodium in the body. He adds that unlike sodium in processed salt that remains in the body long after its usefulness, the three types of calcium in sea salt dissolve excess sodium and expel it from the body, thereby decreasing blood pressure. He states also that while elegant table salt keeps excess water in body cells and increase blood pressure, unrefined salt regulates water content of the body to reduce blood pressure. Foods which are deficient in unrefined salt increase insulin that excess is related to diabetes, obesity, polycystic ovaries and cancer.

Unrefined salt is a natural antihistamine that help clear up congestion such as mucus plugs and phlegm in the lungs. Unrefined salt additionally stabilizes irregular heart beats and also modulates endocrine system. Our body hydrogen ion concentration, called body pH has to be appropriate, that is, slightly alkaline or neutral but not acidic for body acts to be at their peak. Unrefined salt prevents dehydration to keep a healthy body pH. This prevents degenerative diseases like cancer, heart attack or stroke, glaucoma, hypertension, kidney disease and more.


With unrefined salt, the body immune system is strong and active, prepared to fight infections. Unrefined salt is a powerful antioxidant. Let’s hear from more physicians. About two-thirds of hypertensive patients have low unrefined salt within their body. A study by Dr. John H. Largh, MD and Dr. Mark S. Pecker, MD in Hypertensive Centre in Cornel Medical centre, USA demonstrated that elevated blood pressure doesn’t depend just on salt intake but also in an overactive endocrine system.

Researchers say that when this system is overactive, renin, (which is a protein-digesting enzyme released by the kidneys acting to increase blood pressure) levels are too high. This indicates a physiological requirement for unrefined salt. Conversely, the study demonstrates that low renin happens in roughly one-third of hypertensive men and women, showing excess of salt. Every ordinary healthy person needs adequate consumption of unrefined salt.

To put it differently, people who don’t like salt in their diet are ill. Aversion to salt is often caused by too much sodium chloride connected to the organs, organs and cells from ingestion of refined table salt years ago. In actuality, 1 symptom of disorder in Traditional Chinese Medicine is an aversion to salt. Adequate salt intake is crucial to diabetics, as it’s not possible to control blood glucose in a salt deficient condition. Why? Low salt diets elevate fasting insulin and causes insulin resistance, making type 2 diabetes . Insulin resistance is also associated with obesity, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, unrefined salt is a necessity when treating any illness associated with elevated insulin levels. Salt is necessary in the creation and acts of digestive fluids in the body.


Without salt, great digestion is just about impossible. Every cell in the body is continually bathed in a solution of saline water, and when this isn’t kept in its required level, dehydration sets in. Want to create your own sea salt? That’s easy if you’re ready to draw water from the sea. It’s very salty and all you’ve got to do is place it in a freezer in an open container but do not let it freeze. Get it out below ice point, about 5 degrees centigrade will be OK. At this lower temperature the solubility of the salt is reduced and crystals of sea salt settles for you. Filter the salt out and repeat the procedure until you’ve had enough. Then clean your salt with clean water and wash it in a warm oven. Dear reader if you understand the reason , then why will inspire you to shun elegant table salt and immediately switch to sea salt. Please share this message with your pals and loved ones.