What Is The Rising Of The Feminine?

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The female is rising fast as we proceed through this century. The patriachial methods of the last two thousand years didn’t work and so they’re like giant historical prison walls which are finally crumbling away and showing another way to live. GE foods. I have yet to talk to anyone who agrees that GE foods will be helpful for us and more and more of it stinks on the supermarket shelves.


The time has come for each sex to acknowledge, recognise, honour and utilize both the feminine and the masculine in us. All of us know and are knowledgeable about the manly side, the part of us that desires to succeed, which could lead others, which is strong and frequently invulnerable. This side of us has a place in this world however much better would the masculine qualities be when balanced with the female? For centuries to be a person meant not feeling, after all, you can not kill another person if you’re actually feeling can you? Even now in 2001, many men continue to be emotionally disenfranchised – there’s an inaccessibility to their feelings that acts as a giant void.

For men, many still have the identical set of rules given to them by their father (they did not work then and they will not work today ). Men can not be who they was, they’re not certain who they should become and they have no idea how to initiate the transformation. Vulnerable means to be open that means you can be wounded.


If men can be affected then they may be changed by it. The courage needed to adopt the feminine in themselves proves that a man’s masculinity – for just an extremely strong man has the power to be vulnerable. A guy recently told me a story of how he found himself sobbing in a seminar. He apologised to the facilitator who asked why. The guy said: “Big boys do not cry”. Women on the other hand have had access for their own emotions and several women respond to a deficiency in their guys with anger and criticism. That serves to make men more cautious.

In women’s evolution they’ve learned to be strong and independent, ignoring the aged reliant, safety craving part and they would like to stand on equal footing with men. So a woman consciously asserts her independence while she wants to be protected. A woman who has adopted the manly in herself may easily honour the gifts of the masculine. We’re at the brink of a new paradigm in associations. Women must perform their own psychological work and take responsibility for their own deep true emotions.

Nota final

If a person knows how to change a tyre and he shows us, then we could learn. If we understand how to get our emotions then maybe we will need to teach our guys so that between us we could create another world in relationships. When guys are adopted by perceptions that honor them then they’ll have the ability to change. We must make feelings a safe location. If we can accept that we’ve been hurt and betrayed, we have all inflicted wounds and been betrayers then maybe we could make a new cloth, based on love, woven with empathy and understanding and a willingness to go the distance, and provided to us all with a feeling of wholeness for the future.

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