¿Cuál es el poder de la terapia del abrazo?

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Sometimes life gets so hectic that our nerves are frazzled, our tempers are short, and we feel completely disconnected from the ones that are very important to us. Want to learn a easy way to fix this? Reach out and hug someone. According to a research, we need approximately 7 hugs a day to be healthy.

¿Lo sabías?

Most of us do not get that in a month. So, what happens if you are not a hugging family? Start by simply touching your loved ones – a pat on the back, a light touch on the arm. As you receive encouragement and permission, increase your bits to incorporate a”side hug”. Just remember to always respect a person’s boundaries.

  • The Bear Hug–perfect for two people of disproportionate sizes and for saying, “You’re terrific,” or “You can rely on me”.
  • The A-Frame–Brief embrace perfect for little-known relatives and scenarios requiring a little formality. All the hugging takes place over the neck. This hug communicates polite caring or detached warmth. Great for new huggers.
  • The Cheek Hug–A tender kiss which may be executed standing or sitting. This hug says “I’m sorry you are disappointed,” or is best to share joy or greet an older relative.
  • The Group Hug–Great for great friends sharing an activity or job. Group hugs communicate support, security, affection, unity and universal belonging.


If you actually need a hug and do not have the permission from the family members to hug them, go visit an old folk’s home and start showcasing the occupants. It won’t only help you, but it may even increase and enhance the lives of those you hug! When re-published online, all links must be live links. These articles might not be distributed in any way that doesn’t comply with national communication guidelines. These articles should not be password protected or limited to membership or paid-only viewing. These articles must stay free.