¿Cuál es la mejor defensa personal?

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I frequently get asked what the best kind of self defense is.Or, what’s the best self defense product to take. My response is always the same. The best form of self defense what you’re capable and willing to perform. The best self defense product is the one that you’re actually prepared to use and carry.

Women’s Safety

Because there are lots of women that aren’t able to train in physical self defense, because of time constraints or physical constraints, I prefer to concentrate on things which may be carried and used by anyone, no matter age, strength or size. The most common non or less than lethal self defense products are pepper sprays and stun guns.Within those categories there are numerous kinds of products. For instance, there are pepper sprays disguised as lipsticks or pens.

Stun guns have a much larger variety, from one which resembles a mobile phone to telescopic baton stun guns. These also have varying levels of voltages. It may be very confusing to someone who’s searching for something to protect themselves with, but does not have any clue where to begin. The first question to ask is where you feel the greatest need for security. Is it in mall parking lots? At your job? Or home? Have you got someone in particular you’re fearful of, such as an ex-boyfriend or a problematic neighbor? These are all factors in determining what self defense product is the most effective. Another day, a girl asked me about pepper sprays. She explained she wanted one, but was not sure which one would be best. I asked her where she planned to keep it. She explained she wanted to keep it in her car.

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I advocated a pepper spray which had a car visor clip, and showed her how easy it was to use and how it would remain in place inside her vehicle as opposed to rolling around, inaccessible in her glove box or centre console. Anything used for protection that’s not readily available is useless in the event of an emergency. In another case, I had a gentleman who’s primary concern was puppies. He and his wife walked in the early mornings and recently he’d detected some stray dogs around. I showed him a puppy repellant spray and a stun baton. He got one of each.


Like anything, self defense has a lot to do with your personal comfort zone. You might be permitted with a flashlight stun gun on your belt holster.But if the noise of a stun gun sparking startles you and makes you jump back instead of towards your assailant, then it will be rendered ineffective.