¿Cuál es la mejor pistola de pimienta para usted?

Man holding hidden short gun in his hand.

Is An OC Pepper Spray Gun Best for You? As most of us know, the world has come to be a violent location. It’s sad, but true. And it’s something we must understand and be ready for. Daily men and women are assaulted in america. There are armed robberies, rapes, home invasions, car jackings, etc..

Strategy factor

Because of this, you want to have some kind of strategy to defend yourself and the ones you love. It’s true, some people are brawlers, MMA fighters and obviously bad dudes. They could take care of themselves on the road. But not everyone is prepared to go toe to toe with somebody. Personally my weapon of choice is a handgun. It makes the playing field even in many situations on the road.

And if you opt for this option, you should be very responsible and understand the laws which determine when you can lawfully use your firearm. You should never escalate a situation and always walk away from each confrontation. A handgun should just be utilized as a last resort if your life is really in danger. If you’re uncomfortable with firearms and still wish to protect yourself and or your nearest and dearest, you should think about something such as OC pepper spray.

Spray de pimienta

OC pepper spray is a distinctive form of spray which comprises oleoresin capsicum (OC). OC pepper spray may bring a prospective attacker to his knees and prevent an attack immediately. Assuming your attacker isn’t armed with a firearm, this might be a excellent option. A non-lethal kind of self defense.

This can be quite important for some people. Remember, however, if you opt to use an OC spray, then you are not completely covered for the worst scenarios. However, having pepper spray is much better than not having anything. It’s like the old saying goes,”Never bring a knife to a gun fight.” – Ever.

Nota final

At the very least, you need some type of self-defense plan. Being totally unprepared can result in you becoming a entire victim. Should you choose to get a firearm rather than pepper spray, it is crucial that you learn about gun safety and how to properly operate your firearm.