¿Cuál es la mejor solución para la menopausia?

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How long is your melancholy? Although everyone has different menopause, it’s a lengthy transition that lasts approximately 5 – 10 years. How long are menopause remedies? After the Women’s Health Initiative study in 2002, it’s certain that hormones trigger cancers.

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To be able to reduce menopause symptoms, physicians suggest the lowest doses and the shortest period of hormone treatments. This shortest period is at least two years on artificial or bio-identical hormones. Doctors tell you that menopause is due to estrogen deficiency. It’s wrong! Menopause is the end of the childbearing years, so the body doesn’t require high levels of estrogen any more.

Ironically, high levels of estrogen can cause cancers following childbearing years, since the primary function for estrogen is to stimulate breast and uterine tissue development during puberty and pregnancy. Needless to say, estrogen will stimulate breast and uterine cells also, if your body has elevated levels of estrogen following menopause. In actuality, menopause results from fluctuating hormones.

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A woman has two varying hormone alterations: puberty – the start of menstruation, and menopause – the ending of menstruation. The same as a car starting and stopping, it can be a bit rough. No wonder you receive irregular intervals during puberty and menopause. Obviously, the ideal solution for a problem is to address its cause. Since menopause is due to fluctuating hormones, not estrogen deficiency, the ideal remedy for menopause is to balance the ebbs and flows of hormones, rather than adding synthetic or bio-identical hormones.

Temporarily, all hormones remedies for menopause mask daily symptoms without addressing the underlying cause – your changing hormones. Therefore, you must take hormones for several years. Eventually, the body is able to manage to attain its new calm hormone levels in 5 – 10 years, even if you don’t take any hormones. So, either synthetic or bio-identical hormones enhance your wellbeing by masking your everyday menopause symptoms throughout the long menopause travel.

However, you must take high risks: cancers. Uniquely, a trendy herbal formula Menopause BalanZ addresses the underlying causes by balancing your fluctuating hormones, so it can float you through the entire menopause transition in 6 weeks. How do herbs possibly provide a balancing effect on your hormonal alterations? Studies have shown that lots of herbs have a balancing or buffering effect on the body. Herbs can maintain your hormones at a wellness range: when your estrogen levels are low, the herbs will promote estrogen production. However, once your estrogen levels are too high; they’ll block its production?


Herbs regulate hormone production by feedback loops. Just like market opinions, if the storage of a product is reduced in warehouse, the business will produce more. If it’s high, the company won’t produce it right now. In actuality, vegetables possess the balancing effect also. Since cancers are due to over-stimulating body systems, this is the reason why eating more vegetables can decrease cancer risks and the rest of the health issues. Remember that each and every mother says:”Eat your vegetables!” ?