¿Qué hay realmente en el agua?

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History is full of conspiracies, plots, and treacherous acts which have changed the course of history. 2020 will be recalled by the pandemic that swept over the world. This was by no means an accident. So sinister nobody could have believed that anybody could conceive such a plot to hold the world hostage.

¿Qué está pasando?

A quiet terror unleashed by man’s incompetence amidst an Administration desperately seeking another term. Human events are full of heinous acts of wicked intentions whose thirst for control, power, and wealth continues to unleash unimaginable horror.

Today’s Coronavirus Pandemic believed not so blood thirsty as the ones previously but, none the less the fatal results equate just the same. A good deal of people are now beginning to ask questions. Who and why at this specific time put in motion the events which are coming out of control all around the world today? It’s a really sad truth that too many of societies inhabitants are pawns in the world of national and Global domination.


Sacrificial lambs that have always been duped into thinking that the way things are is beyond their control. Sacrificed for the sake of just a few or the one. So many lives could have been spared and a lot of livelihoods restored had we had the appropriate protocols in place when we first had knowledge that a deadly virus was unleashed. One can’t help wonder that just maybe this Pandemic might have been avoided entirely although we might never know if this virus has been instigated by somebody’s direct effect or not.

Water toxicity

Could there actually be something in the water which people around the world drink? Consider that for a minute! The availability of abundant clean, contaminant free drinking water is a very scarce commodity. In the United States our drinking water is full of known toxins like Fluoride, and arsenic. Not only is our water but the infrastructure that’s in place to transport water to our taps has been compromised elevating the pollutants and dangers lurking in our water which contributes to the decrease of our immune system.

When our immune system is compromised we fall prey to viruses and infections like this Coronavirus. It’s no surprise then that so many people the world over have and have become infected. All due to the water that all these men and women drink. For decades water infrastructure all around the world has been decaying to the point that more pollution than has seeped into aquifers, wells, waste water treatment centres and under ground pipes. All because man proceeds to use the world as a garbage dump.

Sistema inmunitario

The toxins from the worlds water vastly contributes to person’s weakened immune system. Nobody has mentioned the simple fact of how drinking water affects the bodies self defense mechanisms. Is it that Big Pharma would loose from the billions if individuals had healthy immune systems to ward off disease rather than relying on a costly vaccine.

But, today so many people in america and around the world do not have the availability, the financial capacity, and the knowledge to use the appropriate procedures to boost their immune system together with the hygiene to keep their immune system healthy.

Es bueno saberlo

It’s an established fact that drinking distilled water and swallowing vitamin C, E, Cod Liver Oil and garlic are all immune system enhancers. To support immune systems access to clean hygiene procedures, a wholesome diet, moderate exercise and exercise all contribute to a persons ability to ward off infections. This trillion dollar bailout that the US has implemented will do nothing to educate the people on protective measures nor will it provide the infrastructure to put in place distilled drinking water for all Americans.