What Is Pepper Spray Again?

Young woman is scared of everything on the street

Pepper spray has been utilized by people since way back when. Ancient armies would utilize it against their enemies. It’s naturally powerful and can be used for self-defense by women and men till today. Pepper sprays are non-lethal, self-defense products and probably the most priced reasonably.


An individual can purchase pepper spray for less than $8.25 on the web. The most famous pepper sprays are ordered in small 1/2 oz. or 3/4 oz. canisters, to be able to conceal them in pockets or purses. The primary ingredient in pepper spray is oleoresin or OC capsicum. The OC comes from Cayenne peppers – a few of the hottest peppers in the global world. Some brands such as for example Mace, add extra ingredients to the sprays, such as for example tear gas.

Additionally, you will discover that some pepper sprays have 10% pepper within their canisters while some have 17% or even more. Streetwise brand pepper spray is one particular brands which has an increased percentage of OC. Some brands have UV dye to invisibly mark an assailant also!

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Another important things you should know about pepper spray is that a lot of are aerosols, so it’s very important if they are employed by you, to ensure you upright contain the product. As you’ll when working with hairspray just. There are needless to say some exceptions. Something called Guardian Angel Pepper Blaster, includes a operational system besides that of aerosol pepper spray.

In fact, Guardian Angel pepper spray fast can be very, 90 MPH burst, to be exact! It could be sprayed in virtually any angle, not up right just. Since all these brands come in spray form, you should remember as well, what environment it will be used in. If you are using it in windy conditions outdoors, you may back get spray! Spray back can be an issue that is addressed by some manufacturers of pepper spray products also.


There are several solutions such as for example pepper pepper or foam gel, introduced to the marketplace. They are heavier substances and for that reason less inclined to be suffering from wind and for that reason less spray back. Hottest brands carry these optional heavier pepper sprays. Your alternatives are; liquid, foam, fog or gel. There’s the consideration of concealment finally. Most pepper sprays have an integral ring for convenience and so are obtainable in just plain canisters, injection molded hard cases or leatherette holsters or cases. Some are disguised as other activities however. You can purchase pepper spray that appears like a pen, lipstick or pager container! A component be had by these pepper sprays of surprise!