¿Qué es la manía-depresión?

Obesity problem. Face correction. Aesthetic cosmetology. Weight loss. Profile portrait of depressed plus size woman silhouette with double chin isolated on contrast white black copy space background.

Are they suggesting we strengthen a new manner of craziness? The first thing I searched were the credentials of the writers behind the research; a lot of articles have published which are bad-science and later die a horrible death.


The guide is published in the respected journal of the Association for Psychological Science, in the September, 2006 issue. We call it Speed Reading, see what you think. The scientists made half of the participants read a series of statements twice-as-fast as normal, and the other half twice-as-slow as their reading. They had the people in the experiment read gloomy text like, I wish to go to sleep and never wake up, and the other half read positive-statements, for example, Wow, I feel good.

Manic-Depression and Bipolar Disorder are psychological states of people with Racing-Thoughts. In-The-Flow, In-The-Zone, and appreciating Peak-Experiences of creativity. According to Connie Strong and Terrance Ketter, M.D.. You understand all about warming-up in sports, you’ve seen it all of your life. If you intentionally read some paragraphs aloud, twice as fast as your normal reading speed, you’re warming up the neural networks of your mind.


What if you can’t find somewhere to read aloud without seeming demented? Silently (subvocalize), the webpage or 2 as a warm up exercise. Zone, and prepared to operate at your best level. Which do you want before an examination, interview or presentation? He makes his case from Distress, which can be chronic (ongoing), and disease-causing.

We can also use stress as a positive adaptation to life. High you get just before you do your best in any adventure. But it is more. Do you ever wish to change your mood and have two-minutes to take action? Ever go for a meeting and feel angst, fear and dread? Get a bit manic thinking under your belt and you will ace your own experience.


The secret of Stressbusting is diaphragmatic breathing for growth oxygenation and release of carbon dioxide and toxins. You may voluntarily change the images on the movie-screen of your mind to a positive winning mood, one which optimizes your understanding and skills. These strategies require just two-minutes. Are you up for it?