¿Qué es la terapia hormonal sustitutiva? ¡Toma nota!

Mujer adulta madura y seria viendo un seminario de formación en un ordenador portátil trabajando desde casa o en la oficina. 60s mujer de negocios de mediana edad tomando notas mientras se utiliza la tecnología informática sentado en la mesa.

Until recently, It had been widely prescribed by doctors to take care of a number of symptoms but that changed when some troubling evidence about begun to emerge.

Es bueno saberlo

In 2002, In this testing, it had been discovered that HRT caused a rise in lots of disorders and diseases such as for example , blood clots, strokes, and .

The WHI study also contains women who have been more overweight compared to the US population in general so they could have been more vunerable to cardiovascular problems even minus the usage of HRT which means this also skews the outcomes.

Will various kinds of HRT treatments have exactly the same negative results? For women undergoing surgical menopause HRT may be used for an extended duration, even until natural menopause occurs perhaps.

Unfortunately, since bioidentical human is now ever more popular more testing must be done in order that women could make informed choices.


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