¿Qué es la diabetes del adulto?

Una señora se pincha el dedo para obtener sangre para la prueba de glucosa.

Adult onset diabetes, like the common ulcer of a couple of years back, makes lots of work and offers a whole lot of money for the medical system. The homeopathic war with the FDA and drug-pushers is a really interesting study in deceit and power. For example it took until last year to the study in the University of Alabama led by Dr. Campbell to confirm what won a Nobel Prize a quarter century ago.

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The immune system and lymph system is vital to the interplay between soul and physical body energy manifestation. The arrogance of competitive marketing enterprises can not be the sole reason that we have endured the removal of health maintenance at the hands of these’experts’. Current books on nutrition and herbal supplements tout Hydro-chloric Acid (HCA) and chromium percolonate along with ‘Vanadol’ as a cure for adult onset diabetes.

The fact of the fact that disallows ‘Vanadol’ available in Canada is bad, though I don’t believe there’s such a thing as evil. The medications that are recommended lead inexorably to the use of toxic and insulin death. There’s research that shows these drugs directly create death in a certain proportion of cases also. HCA and vitamin C might have advantages in building up the immune system and stopping cancer and other disease.

¿Qué está pasando?

Our body has the power to heal itself when the spirit is properly in tune with it, according to a lot of healers previously. Will we encourage it rather than deny it? There’s absolutely not any need to prevent the use of health care approaches when justified but their overuse contributes to hospitals of high risk. The stories of unnecessary surgeries and faulty operations are rampant in society. When one learns to get regular exercise and supplements discipline great things could be achieved, as in the case of my’twin’ who overcome leukemia that I mentioned below ‘cancer cures’.

The joke that says if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck – it’s a duck! Who’s the quack? The results are adequate to understand we can use the homeopathic and naturopathic or chiropractic knowledge but it’s an uphill fight. There are 300 physicians in Ontario who support this’environmental medicine’ but they run the risk of losing their license. Yes, it happens all of the time, and the lawyers get rich while people die from the debilitating effects of drugs and their impact on leeching the body of vitamins and resources to overcome all sorts of disease.


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