¿Qué significa el término matriarcado?

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The term Matriarchy conjures up images of a culture in which women have complete control of guys and overall control of the society and everything that goes on inside. Which isn’t correct. Matriarchy isn’t the exact reverse of Patriarchy.

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In a Patriarchal society, women are repressed and aren’t allowed easy freedoms that we take for granted now. Men really do have power over everything and just a woman’s word is deemed absurd and unimportant. In a Matriarchal society, women have power, but so do men, there’s not any repressing of another therefore making it an egalitarian, or equivalent, society. There are numerous authors, archaeologists and anthropologists alike who state that a matriarchal society never existed. I believe this is a bit closed minded, as there have been hundreds and hundreds of civilizations before us that lived for centuries.


Is it really not possible to think that maybe a few of those cultures might have been matriarchal? Along with the expression Matriarchy, we’ve got Matrilineal, in which the lineage goes through the girl rather than the guy, and Matrilocal, meaning if a man and a woman get married, they live with the bride’s family rather than the grooms family.

Though some scholars don’t wish to think in Matriarchal societies, it’s been demonstrated that there were a few in history. For instance the Iroquois Indians were said to live in a matriarchal society. Where girls and mothers had political influence, could fight in battle, develop plants among a number of other liberties. There was evidence to suggest that in parts of India, Asia, Celtic societies and native tribes had matriarchal societies. It’s quite well known that ancient Celtic women had equal power and influence to men. They fought in war, made important decisions and’d land ownership.

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Celtic women were known to be ferocious warriors fighting beside their men in battle, the most famous of the warrior women is Queen Boudicca of the Iceni. The Picts of Scotland were regarded as a Matriarchal or Matrilineal society Also. Although not much is known about these great and ferocious people, this small fact was stated to be recorded by Roman historians.

Additionally, there are some creatures that function in matriarchal societies, like dinosaurs. It’s an established fact that lions reside in a Matriarchal society. The Lionesses do the searching, overall security of their tribe, taking care of their cubs and a number of other duties. The male lions have their place, however, since they’re utilised to take down large game, and for security of their tribe from the other male lion seeking to take over. The Lionesses also outnumber the male Lions by alot. Therefore allowing the man to breed several times to make a bigger tribe. Author Heide Goettner-Abendroth, is known for her extensive research into matriarchal societies. She goes on to say in one of her published papers,”Matriarchies are egalitarian at least concerning gender-they don’t have any gender hierarchy, which, for many matriarchal societies, the social order is totally egalitarian at both regional and local levels”.


This theory a Matriarchal society is in all actuality, an egalitarian society, has been demonstrated several times over. So it might never be the contrary of Patriarchy. Some other civilizations, which were Goddess established, such as ancient Crete were said to live in an egalitarian society also, where the celestial female was revered. Men and women each had their responsibilities and they dwelt in a peaceful and happy society. The Goddess in Crete was personified in the property and her sacred creatures. For instance, hills and caves were viewed as a number of Her sacred areas, and bees, serpents and bulls were seen as a portion of Her sacred animals.