¿Qué sabe usted sobre la reversión de trompas?

El ginecólogo se comunica con su paciente, señalando la estructura del útero, en su ordenador.

Couples that have been through the tubal reversal travel know all too well what the “waiting game” is. This is the time waiting for their cycle or awaiting the beta results on their blood work. The waiting game appears to take forever and can try out the most patient of people.

The Journey

The tubal reversal journey may be among the most enjoyable times in a couple’s life. Having the opportunity to have kids again can be like starting life over. Another opportunity is given following the couple thought they’d not be able to have children naturally. Most know from study just how expensive IVF (in vitro fertilization) is and might have never been able to manage it.

Once the surgery and recovery is complete the few is then able to start trying to conceive. They go through every cycle and month and then ovulation occurs. In this time the girl is monitoring her cycle so that she’ll know when ovulation is going to occur with ovulation predictor kits or by using basal body temperature readings. Once ovulation does occur it’s then time to wait to determine if her period begins or she simply may be pregnant.

Two weeks

This two-week wait may seem like it takes forever. Many women will discover additional things to do just to attempt and make the days go by quicker. Once the couple does get a positive pregnancy test it’s then time to rejoice but with their protector still up. The woman now must be certain the early pregnancy protocol is followed. This protocol is followed by tubal reversal patients and their doctors.

By having blood work done the HCG levels are tracked. When the HCG level reaches a certain point then an ultrasound is then performed to be sure that the pregnancy is really safely in the uterus. With tubal reversal patients using a slightly higher risk of ectopic pregnancy this protocol is quite important. During the tubal reversal early pregnancy protocol every woman obviously stressed. At this point they all need to hear is that the pregnancy is safely in the uterus and the baby is growing as he/she ought to be. Once given the fantastic news the few then able to breath a little easier.


There’ll still function as normal pregnancy worries but this landmark was cleared. The tubal reversal waiting game might not simple for couples. There are girls that worry every day that she simply may not conceive and go on to have a viable pregnancy. The worry and anxiety can lead to havoc in life. What do couples say about it? By having the tubal reversal surgery they’ve given themselves the opportunity and that hope was restored. When these couples talk about the tubal reversal travel the vast majority say that they would do it all over again.