What Are The Effects Of Working Longer Hours?

Stress at work, failure to work, business failure.

The human body reacts and can exceed your expectations when fueled correctly. The benefits of healthy eating habits reach far beyond vanity and look because without adequate nourishment, you’re motivating illness, chronic disease and weight reduction to contaminate your immune system.

¿Lo sabías?

Even if we’re surrounded with convenient, fast and fast food nowadays, we will need to be cautious with our own body with a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The foods we have right now aren’t abundant in calorie and can deplete our nourishment. These foods may fill our stomach but these may affect our health. We will need to remain on track with foods that really equip our body to maintain its “housework.”

To be clear, processed foods include whatever has undergone complicated processing steps. It’s important to understand that organic, nutrient-rife foods are getting to be just as available as processed, junk food choices.

Healthy lifestyle

However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done because when practiced wrongly, you will surely develop diseases. You will need to analyze your customs thoroughly. As an example, what customs would you like to break? What do you think is the healthiest habit? In my case, I am quite workaholic that recently I feel dizzy every time I lie down to sleep and when rising from bed.

It’s one thing to pull a long day every once in a while to complete a project or handle a crisis, but it is another to routinely stay late in the job into the night. Working overtime is becoming part of my everyday routine. Working late at night impairs my sleep. This can cause us to build up what is called “sleep debt,” which is sort of like being overdrawn at a bank.

Chronic sleep deficit

It makes me get tired more easily than I believe I do. Overworking is really bad for your heart. It can actually cause cardiovascular disease. According to some researches, it may have something to do with your character. The aggressive type like me are more tensed, time-oriented and stressed out that can be intensified by overworking.

Working beyond the regular working hours is something to brag. But sometimes it can get addictive. The fact that we live in a competitive world, we actually deprive ourselves out of sleep merely to lament our job. Sometimes, working long hours may feel rewarding — even invigorating. The key is paying attention to how it makes you feel. Next step would be to consult a specialist and eventually to modulate your working hours in order for you to be healthy and vibrant.

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