What Are Femenine Symbols?

Female gender sign and arrow. Women's movement and right direction. Blue and pink paper art.

Feminine symbols have already been used from ancient times to represent birth, fertility, death, decay, rebirth and transformation. The portrayal of the message through these symbols happen via an object either, an image, an image, written word, an audio or perhaps a particular mark.


Actually these symbols have already been used to depict the scared feminine, the fantastic goddess, mom earth, mom goddess or the “big she” as ideas, concepts or other abstractions. The symbols of the feminine have already been used to help make the invisible take form and be visible for the humanity.

Actually these symbols have helped humanity to create associations with the mysterious feminine form that’s invisible in persona but widely felt through actions in the universe. Abundant types of such feminine symbols are available in the proper execution of images and carvings of the many ancient “goddess forms” and their associations with earthly things and happenings.


The supreme feminine or the fantastic goddess or mom goddess depicts wide spectral range of happenings in the universe and therefore the meanings behind the symbols used to depict the feminine could be multiple and manifold. These symbols blend with the planet earth centred traditions and beliefs. If we ask a variety of witches, the ecofeminists, members of the covenant of the Goddess and the educated Wiccan high priests we shall discover that they accept the wide variety of associations and meanings behind the feminine symbols depicting the nature’s procedure for birth, rebirth and death.

The feminine symbols are linked to the complete spectral range of life including fertility, birth, nurturing, maturation, death, decay, transformation and rebirth. The Egyptian goddess Isis and the many Hindu goddesses are obvious types of the universal acceptance of the lighter and darker sides of nature. Actually feminine symbols allow us to simply accept death, decay and transformation as normal section of our lives and make us appreciate the all encompassing type of Mother Nature that involves the procreative and also the destructive areas of the type.

It tells us the fact in fact mom goddess who gives us birth in her body may be the dark body to which we need to return. In its most primary earthly manifestation, the feminine symbols are linked to the feeling of touch which originates in the womb and where we have been in close association with mom without the individual existence. Throughout our life and inside our death bed too thereafter, we are connected with this primary manifestation of the feminine symbol through the sense of touch which signifies our journey of life which begins from the womb and which leads to the eternal womb of the supreme feminine.

Feminine symbols

These are connected with “darkness and warmth” therefore, “death and life” plus they teaches us to simply accept life, death, rebirth and transformation as various stages until we merge with the universal void. What ought to be our approach towards the symbols of feminine before adopting them inside our lives? As I before said, the symbols of feminine have multiple meanings and may convey powerful messages to your unconscious and conscious mind. Without consciously knowing we would draw ourselves towards manifestation of the messages inside our life.

This may range between being generative to destructive in nature. In these situations, before adopting a feminine symbol inside our life we have to study and understand the entire meaning of this symbol and what it represents. After a detailed knowledge of the associations behind the symbols, we are able to select some for the daily use. One proven fact that we should remember is that several symbols of feminine are occult symbols and could have manifold rituals and meanings in it. The bearer or wearer of the symbols ought to be prepared to accept the results of the happenings and manifestations of the symbols. If in doubt the advisable thing is in order to avoid them.

Let’s take a few examples. The symbol of goddess kali might turn to be very liberating for the feminists and the ones who espouse liberation, assertion and freedom. But before accepting the goddess as our personal deity and before utilizing some of her symbols inside our daily life we have to know very well what she represents. Kali represents violent destruction of the ignorance and ego. She depicts death of the ego and rebirth of the “self” with abundance wisdom. So if we have been accepting the goddess as symbolic inside our life then we have to anticipate to take both destructive and constructive section of her nature as a standard occurring.

Nota final

This simple truth is true for several feminine symbols because they represent the complete spectral range of life rather than specific part. The feminine symbols are in fact the bridge between your conscious mind represented by our ego and our unconscious mind. Unless and until we slay the fears and demons of our unconscious mind we can not truly get to life. The conscious mind should bring the unconscious in to the open, face the dark and neglected powers of the unconscious and tame these dark forces through the energy of universal love and compassion. These tamed forces become our ready companion for constructive action then.

This overall self transformation could be only as a result of feminine symbols of immense strength and energy. They become the mediators and the bridge between your conscious and the unconscious. Types of such happenings is seen inside our ancient stories and myths. When Theseus had a need to slay the monstrous Minotaur by penetrating the labyrinth in Crete, the help was taken by him of the fair Ariadne. With her thread, Ariadne enabled him to go in and discover his way again out. If we apply Jungian psychoanalysis to the story to translate the true meaning behind this story then we shall discover that the monster Minotaur may be the dark and neglected facet of our unconscious mind which includes to be tamed and the labyrinth may be the vast unconscious mind which we fear to enter and Aridane may be the feminine symbol which acts as our mediator and source to attain the unconscious and defeat and tame the dark forces of our unconscious mind. Aridane isn’t only the mediator but she actually is the supreme feminine teacher who teaches us to simply accept the neglected section of our very own self with love and compassion, honour it by bringing it in to the conscious nurture and mind it for constructive action.

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