What About The Canaries In The Mines?

beautiful yellow Canary in a cage

In the olden days of mining there were no such things as digital sensors for the harmful gases that seeped from the ground into the atmosphere within the mines. Instead, the miners used canaries, they kept close to them , to warn them when the atmosphere became dangerously toxic.

¿Lo sabías?

When the canaries keeled over after breathing toxic fumes, the miners took it as a warning to escape the mine until they, too, were overtaken by the deadly fumes. Why canaries? Because their bodies are so small that only a very small quantity of poisonous gases can kill them. Children and pets are our “canaries in the mines” nowadays.

Because their bodies are much smaller compared to that of adults they’re more vulnerable to toxins in their world. When I was a youngster, it was only kids who had allergies to the toxins in their world. As children’s bodies grew into mature sizes, they could handle a larger amount of chemicals.


Toxins are generally found in and around every home today. The most commonly used products that contain dangerous and harmful chemicals within the house are drier sheets, household cleansers, and anything with an artificial scent. Outside the house using chemical herbicides (RoundUp), pesticides, and fertilizers is not uncommon in most yards.

Allergies are tricky to pinpoint. For example, someone that has been tested for allergies and decided to be allergic to grass can actually be allergic to the chemicals on the grass. When the lawn is mowed, microscopic pieces of grass with those chemicals are discharged into the air, just waiting to be inhaled by anyone nearby. There are alternatives to each of the substances used in and around the house. Spray on weeds.

Sunny, hot days are best to get the best benefit. The dish soap helps the salt and vinegar to be more readily absorbed by the plant. Remember that your immune system has to work overtime to counteract the effects the chemicals in your environment are causing your body. Your immune system may only do so much, and when it is working to counteract the chemicals in your environment it will be less able to protect you from other risks, like an invasive virus. So help your immune system keep you healthy by cleaning up the toxins in your own personal environment.

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