¿Y el poder de las chicas?

La hermandad es poderosa - Foto de archivo de feminismo

If we know we are worth more and we’re, we know we deserve better. If we know our worth, we won’t settle for less or be. Knowing all that and how important the role we play in God’s creation and in the lives of men, we deserve better. Not the perfect (there isn’t any such individual ) but the best at least.


  • We’re not sex objects – We are to be loved, respected and cared for, not things to be used to gratify the lustful desires of the opposite sex. Any guy who thinks of us differently isn’t worthy of us is he worth anything in any way.
  • We’re not inferior to men – We were initially created as a helpmate but that does not mean reduced or second-class. It simply means we are a necessity. Men can not simply do with us. They want our help. No competition there but venture. Our value and power, and influence is in being simply “FEMININE”. We do not have to prove we could do what the guys can do because we can do something they can not, conceive and bear children.
  • We’re beautiful and complicated — Whether fair skinned, brown, or black (unless you are yellow, if you consult a doctor immediately ), girls are beautiful. Endowed with curves and softer, smoother skin. And we do smell better.
  • We’re emotional creatures – Soft, and brittle and must be treated with gentleness. This is why we often can not make our minds up, since we base our conclusions largely from how we feel (and our emotion’s like a roller coaster – not to mentionwe have’that’ time of the month) instead of how we think about something or the logic of it. Men on the other hand are often not in touch with their emotions (since they look at everything in a reasonable point, sometimes, too much). So God made us to what they are bad at.