¿Sequedad vaginal?

This photograph was taken in a public statues metal in the city of Cartagena Colombia.

If you suffer from vaginal dryness there might be many reasons for the illness, not all them your fault. Often women won’t admit to their spouse they are suffering from the issue, so all kinds of issues occur in the connection because of the girl refusing to have sex with her partner as often as normal, or at times the experience is so painful that she can’t bear to have intercourse in any way.

¿Lo sabías?

If you’re suffering this you’re not alone, since over 40 percent of girls in the US suffer from vaginal dryness for a lot of reasons. Although alcoholism can lead to dryness, so too can depression and stress, but by far the most frequent explanation is the menopause. What a girl would normally do will be to make an appointment with her doctor who might prescribe hormone replacement therapy. Many women find this encounter embarrassing, and there’s a question regarding some types of HRT and their relationship with breast cancer. Undoubtedly the best solution is an over-the-counter vaginal dryness cream that could be applied to the area to offer effective vaginal lubrication.

It’s also important that this be FDA approved so you know that it’s been tested or evaluated for its security. In actuality, you will find these solutions available, in the kind of OTC creams that not only solve the issue of vaginal dryness, but also increase the feeling from the clitoral area and are formulated to increase the desire for sex. This practically takes you back to the place you’re in before all this happened, and you lost your interest in sexual activity.


It simplifies your problem and brings you back together again – stops the arguments, tears and recriminations and may even save your marriage. However, it’s not the fact that such a remedy is available that’s amazing – it’s that so many girls use it! It’s difficult to know why a woman should turn her back on an FDA approved solution for a natural problem that’s been formulated with natural products. There’s not anything embarrassing with walking into a store and buying an OTC product.


It’s even less embarrassing to buy such a product anonymously on the internet, though you ought to appreciate that over 40 percent of women suffer the same problem when they reach menopausal age. It has to be that women don’t know about this solution. It’s not as if these goods are incredibly expensive – they aren’t, but even if so, why don’t you use your funds resolving what can be a serious psychological issue for you rather than buy expensive face creams? If you’re having problems in the bedroom due to natural vaginal dryness, get up and do something about it. There’s a solution just waiting for you to pick it up on your hands and use.