Would You Dare

chica atractiva posando con peluca gris, aislado en negro

It’s official; my grey hair is now considered fashionable. Apparently, it is all the rage on the fashion runways, and younger women are making a statement with white and silver highlights in their hair. I was born a redhead, but over the years it has darkened into an auburn colour and today is full of natural silver highlights supplied by era, daily dosages of anxiety, and a couple of gold highlights thrown in courtesy of sunlight.

Es bueno saberlo

Much to my hairdresser’s chagrin, I’ve never dyed my hair and never will! I know that it would make me look younger, but I guess I’m saving a great deal of money and time. I don’t need to worry about revealing my grey roots or using a lot of chemicals seeping into my scalp. And I just feel like we should not be ashamed of having older-my motto is: Go with what you have and work it!

Así que imagínate mi alegría cuando ayer abrí el Sunday New York Times para ver un artículo titulado "Gray: No Longer Premature", de Ruth La Ferla. La guía trata de las jóvenes renegadas que están pidiendo mechas plateadas en su cabello y creando toda una declaración de moda al hacerlo. Si tienes tiempo, no dudes en leer la historia, y echa un vistazo a los comentarios destacados debajo de la historia.

Young girls are seeking out this colour, and older girls are paying $1.3 billion annually to cover this up. Wow, I’m feeling kind of unique for sticking to my guns and not covering up my lovely trendsetting silver streaks! Is that a nod to their older, wiser sisters or maybe a wish to be cougarlike or are they mocking me? I’m just going to choose to believe that I am making a fashion statement.

I absolutely love this comment from plt brooklyn and had to replicate it here: My colorist’s title? It’s the essence of childhood to want to seem older; it’s the essence of the elderly, to wish to seem young; it’s the nature of people to want to change nature. Young people’s silliness is part of the charm. And my well-earned gray hair, is a part of my charm!