¿Qué hacer con un bebé lactante que tiene vómitos?

Joven madre sonriente con camiseta blanca amamantando a su bebé

If your baby is vomiting during or after feeding, you might choose to follow a few basic suggestions to try to pinpoint the reason for this. Some infants will toss up in between breasts or directly after feeding. There are a number of distinct causes for this. To start with, you need to seek the advice of your health care provider if this is occurring regularly and trying a couple of basic things does not help.

Reflujo del bebé

Your baby could be experiencing some amount of reflux and might require a physician’s input based on what level of reflux that he or she is having. Vomiting after ingestion in the first stages of breastfeeding your newborn could mean that you have an overactive letdown. Your body may be producing “milk enough for twins” and it’s coming out faster than your baby’s small mouth can manage it.

This induces gulping and that subsequently causes consuming large amounts of air. This situation either leads to a desperate need to burp or throw up. Some significant indications of this are you notice your baby is gulping uncomfortably shortly after latching on, your baby comes off the nipple and there’s a large number of milk squirting even after the baby has stopped sucking, or your baby actually appears to begin choking on the amount of milk she’s swallowing.

¿Qué hacer?

First you need to become comfortable. If you attempt to feed your baby in a hurry she will feel the urgency, which might be causing the issue also. Get your favorite set of nursing pajamas or nursing gown, a comfortable nursing pillow, and cradle your infant calmly. You’ll have to control what your baby becomes manually before your milk adjusts somewhat more. Start with latching your baby on till letdown.

Then take the baby off and catch the milk in a bottle or milk storage bag to freeze. You may also open a fresh diaper and wedge it on your nursing top opening and allow the milk to take in the diaper before the forceful squirting has ceased and then latch your baby back on. You could even practice better burping procedures.

Burp more often and for prolonged time. Your baby might need to burp more frequently or she might take longer to get a burp out. You will only know if this is true and which one by analyzing different fashions. Burp after every couple of minutes on each breast. If that’s too much, then you know that you can back off to only between breasts and when you’re finished. Your baby may also be nausea since she’s simply full.

Nota final

It never hurts to express that the remainder of what you’ve produced and save it into a milk storage freezer bag. They store very well and this can allow you to extend the time that you breastfeed well after you have weaned your baby. Good luck and keep in mind that having a lot of milk is a much simpler problem than having too small!