¿Qué es la regla de lo femenino?

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Recently, an Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazam Sedighi angered a woman’s group around the world when he said that promiscuous girls were responsible for earthquakes. It’s not surprising that the women, especially in West, are very mad with such statements and they’ve opted to expose more to test whether this raises the earthquakes.

Lets see…

However, even in the western world, there are lots of men and women that are worried about the fall of worth in the society, and the growth of promiscuity in women. The world is in a vital state of its own evolution. It’s only in the last century as it observed the two World Wars that had contributed to the loss of countless human lives. The humanity appears to have learned the lessons of the use of force that causes destructions. They’ve understood the result of force that’s typically a masculine trait. All of the top leaders and personalities of the World Wars were just male with no exception.

However, following the war, the world is seeing a long era of peace as no significant wars were fought in last over 60 years. The peace has given rise to different system of government which in Scriptures were called feminine way of ruling the world. The student of physics knows that there are two kinds of forces in nature. These are the forces of attraction and the forces of repulsion.


The forces of attractions are common as these exist in all material items. However, in the event of electric charges and magnets, powerful forces of repulsions are experienced in cases of like charges or like rods. These forces are used accountable for running of the world in micro and macro level. In precisely the exact same manner, the world also appears to be ruled by two kinds of forces. There’s a force of attraction that’s often known as the feminine force. This sort of force brings the people towards itself.

A female understands what a man needs and she prepares herself to win the guy by making herself attractive which brings then guy towards her. Males on the other hand don’t rely much on the forces of attraction as they utilize the force of electricity that leads to repulsion. Yet he’s able to rule the world by creating fear in the people of this power he wields. The world is currently undergoing the rule of female where the use of electricity is looked down upon. It’s because of this that Gandhi was chosen as the guy of century by Time magazine while Hitler was dismissed.

The female rule

It is that the rule of peace and love and there’s absolutely not any use of power and everybody appears to follow his free will. Yet the principles soon understand the rules of this game and make themselves more desirable. This is often achieved by deceit, false promises and cheating. The biggest causality from the female rule is that no one wants to speak the truth nor anyone wants to listen the facts. People can easily eliminate by making false promises. People use false advertisements to draw the man and woman to purchase their product or their thoughts. Yet soon people understand the facts and feel that they were cheated.

However, the rulers were able to create their money in the meanwhile. The biggest method of female rule is democracy where people choose their own rulers. It’s as absurd as picking a servant who’s supposed to rule out the master. Thus the elected representative does not know whether they’re supposed to function or to rule the men and women who have chosen them. Hence they find tricks to fool the people wherein they produce false belief they’re serving them while their real motive is to rule them. Yet so as to get the votes of the people, they promise to serve while they conceal their real desire that is to rule. This is in precisely the identical manner as the advertisers mislead the people. They advertise as though they’ve created the product for the benefit of the people.


Yet in fact, their sole goal is to make profit and become wealthier. In modern world of liberty that’s the only way to rule because the use of electricity is illegal in today’s society. The growth of female brings love and peace on earth. Yet it’s not without a cost. What is lost in female rule is fact and desire to rule on the grounds of Just principles. Therefore, most individuals are becoming disillusioned with the modern system of governance that’s erected on the principles of justice and equality yet in fact it does just the opposite. The people also can’t blame anybody as they had been corrupted by the forces of attraction and temptation the same as an immodestly dressed woman can’t be blamed in today’s world for the crime that’s committed by the man. While there might not be any earthquakes because of immodestly dressed women, the morals of the humankind are definitely shaking beneath the power of female.