¿Síntomas de la posmenopausia?

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The menopause symptoms that women suffer with usually die down when they get to the post menstrual period. However, there are instances when women still experience symptoms during the post menstrual period. The major cause of this could be the hormonal changes that happen during the said stage.

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During this phase, estrogen and progesterone levels within the body decrease, which causes several symptoms to occur. On the other hand, the article menopause symptoms may also occur due to certain underlying health conditions. Because of this, it’s exceedingly important that you know about them in great detail. In this report, we’ll be discussing the most frequent post menopause symptoms which you could possibly encounter. Vaginal bleeding is one of the most frequently observed symptoms in post menopausal women. This can be harmless and results due to hormonal imbalance.

However, this may also serve as a indication of a serious illness affecting the reproductive system. Hence, women that are manifesting vaginal bleeding after not having periods for straight 12 weeks should consult their physician as soon as possible. Feeling the need to itch the vagina frequently is just another symptom that’s connected with the post menopause phase.

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Itching of the vaginal area can cause a girl to feel a burning sensation in that area. Vaginal dryness on the other hand, can be gotten along with itching. This is often the reason women lack sexual drive. The health care provider can suggest the use of lubricants to eliminate this issue in addition to the itching sensation. However, these can cause long-term side effects, which is the reason why it’s more advisable to use home remedies like olive oil to deal with this problem.

Hot flashes are another frequent phenomenon during the post menstrual period. This can be accompanied by night sweats and heart palpitations. Hot flashes can occur not only during the night but also as throughout the day. However, this is only going to last for a couple of minutes. During an episode of hot flashes, a woman can experience headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and sleeplessness. The best way to treat this symptom is by participating in activities that promote comfort of both the body and mind.

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Bladder infections in this stage are often brought on by diseases such as cystitis and urethritis. This causes women to experience burning sensations when they are urinating as well as lower back pain. Due to this, women can create stress incontinence wherein they lose the capacity to control the passing of the urine. This causes them to flow out urine while they are doing certain activities like sneezing, laughing, lifting, running, and coughing. During the post menopausal stage, bones have a higher propensity to become weak which contributes to low bone density. Due to this, women have a higher risk of experiencing bone pain and developing osteoporosis. Additionally, this also increases their probability of experiencing bone fractures and leg cramps.