¿Sangrado posmenopáusico?

Almohadilla de higiene femenina sobre fondo rosa. Concepto de higiene femenina durante la menstruación.

Post menopausal bleeding could cause alarm to many women experiencing it understandably. If you’re one of these, still, there is certainly the chance that other, much more serious reasons are behind it. To begin with, there can already be cancer-causing abnormalities in your vagina or uterus which require medical investigation.

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Polyps, fibroids, along with other growths are often harmless but have to be treated to avoid the bleeding nevertheless. To look for the real cause, hysteroscopy, or perhaps a biopsy can be achieved. One common reason behind post menopausal bleeding may be the decline of estrogen levels resulting in atrophic vaginitis. which results in the thinning of tissues lining the uterus and spontaneous spotting or bleeding. Barring choosing risky, so what can you do to handle this inconvenient symptom? Plenty of things; and fortunately, they may be safe, keep calm and keep on.

Intense excitement, or anxiety have already been recognized to cause spontaneous bleeding, among post menopausal females especially. So make an effort to stay away from psychological and emotional stress-inducing situations, and keep a confident and serene mindset at fine times. Being an added conditioning bonus, try doing yoga along with other exercises that may keep you calm and centered, and tone muscle tissue simultaneously.

If some pain includes the bleeding, it is possible to place a warm water bottle or perhaps a heating pad on your own spine or abdomen while resting to help ease you of it. Over-the-counter medication could be prescribed at any right time, but they can be expensive over time quite. Why not choose pure, organic cures first? Homeopaths and herbal practitioners verify their efficacy in the proper dosages. Or infused in a sitz-type bath.


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