Perimenopausia, ¿síntomas de un cuerpo que envejece?

Woman with chest pain suffering from heart attack during running

Nearly all women understand that menopause may be the stage in a woman’s life where in fact the menstrual period ceases to exist. In addition they know that there’s any such thing called premenopause – to put it simply because the stage before menopause in which a woman reaches like a normal life, ovulation and all.


But perimenopause altogether is really a different thing. Whenever we say perimenopause, it’s the stage between premenopause and menopause where all signs prior to the Change commences almost. That’s where a woman’s estrogen and progesterone levels begin to fluctuate, causing hormone imbalance, outward indications of which are perimenopausal in nature. What exactly are these symptoms, you ask? Irregular menstrual periods. It has got to function as first danger sign of perimenopause.

Your periods can long be either short or, with a light or heavy flow. Hot flashes/flushes. You’re sitting when suddenly quietly, this flash has experience by you of a hot feeling on your own face and chest muscles. What follows is really a flushed look – sweaty and reddened. That’s just what a hot flash/flush is. Sometimes, it complements an irregular heartbeat together, coupled with a sense of suffocation and anxiety.

  • Night sweats. Sometimes, night sweats go hand-in-hand with the hot flashes the. Just ensure that the perspiration isn’t from a task or exercise done about 4 hours earlier before considering perimenopause.
  • Heart palpitations. While these might just be from our friendly hot flashes possibly, in the event that you experience them frequently on a regular basis, then it may possibly too be another thing. Whether it’s already causing you to nervous, please see your physician then. Breast swelling and tenderness. This may be associated with your monthly period.
  • Fibroids. They’re called by some doctors myomas, a scary term for all those with family histories filled up with tumors and certain cancers. The truth is though, it is extremely rare for a fibroid to be malignant. Commonly within the uterine wall, these could dissipate during perimenopause or after menopause slowly. These usually do not require surgery. The only real problem because of this is they usually cause heavy menstrual periods that may actually result in anemia (iron insufficiency).
  • Change in libido. If your libido has decreased, it may be associated with other possible symptoms (like vaginal dryness or painful intercourse). Seek healthcare help because of this if you’re worried about it. They are however the tip of the iceberg just, as they say. From these aside, you can find other symptoms that although minor, must be considered in determining in case you are in perimenopause already.