¿Perder peso en la menopausia?

Close Up Of Woman Adding Pumpkin Seeds To Healthy Vegan Meal In Bowl

If you are considering losing weight , don’t be surprised to learn that rapid weight loss and long-term weight loss isn’t the exact same thing, actually far from it. Looking for a fast fix to a menopausal weight gain scenario is only going to lead to disappointment. The main reason is because there are two significant factors in weight gain during menopause: what you eat and how energized your metabolism is (or isn’t!).

About Habits

Habits play an important role when losing weight . A fast weight loss very often means creating odd eating habits that just won’t sustain a prolonged loss of weight. Promises of rapid weight loss made by any sort of diet won’t only not give to the hoped-for outcomes, they will very likely create a backlash of rapid weight reduction when you go from said diet. Such diets don’t impress upon you the importance of creating a healthy way of eating, which is what’s required if you’re ever going to eliminate the weight and keep it off.

When you go off the diet and go back to your previous eating habits, weight will probably return, almost apparently with a fast vengeance. All the time and effort you put in the diet will have been completely wasted because you didn’t learn a better way of eating. I am confident you know how disappointed you’ll be in this circumstance. The next important element to take into account in your battle for losing weight is the metabolism.


It is accountable for the efficient utilization and storage of energy in the body. Your metabolism is influenced by your habits-every change you make will alter your metabolism. Starvation mode, for example, is the metabolisms response to less food being available. So if you seriously restrict your food intake, your body will believe famine has struck and the metabolism will slow down in an attempt to preserve what shops of energy-that is, fat-are left. This saved our ancestors fairly well when famine was a distinct possibility.

But your body doesn’t understand the difference between famine and a poor diet. When you finish the diet and return you old eating habits, your metabolism doesn’t kick back into higher gear. In actuality, it goes on as before, keeping the extra calories it’s getting because it still believes the famine exists and should save everything it could. Presto, instant weight gain.

So, quickly losing weight in menopause is not possible for a sustainable reduction. Keeping this sort of eating regimen will finally do you more harm than good over your life and will actually lead to gaining more fat than you could ever lose. There’s no quick fix for losing weight in menopause. It took years to put it on; it will take awhile (but not years, thankfully!) to take it off.


The fad diets will only cause the yo-yo syndrome and will do you no good, at all, in the long term. The more realistic way of losing weight in menopause is through healthy eating. That entails eating fruits and veggies, the “good” carbohydrates (whole grain foods) and lean meats. Combining regular physical activity, such as exercise, with healthful eating is the only sure way of losing weight in menopause and keeping it off.