¿Está su cuerpo diseñado para curarse a sí mismo?

Common in the News Headlines are reports of fatal outcomes of people who have contracted the H1N1 virus. Hundreds scurry to wait in lines to get the”shot” of this vaccine hurried fabricated and without the typical testing procedure, hoping to prevent the same fate. For many others, the resounding question is: “Should I vaccinate or not vaccinate?”


For me personally that decision was made long before this year of the H1N1 outbreak. As a nurse, I have multiple exposures to clients that have varying kinds of respiratory ailments. Yet, I don’t have any concerns that my vulnerability will result in me contracting their ailments. Why, you might ask. The solution is simple. My healthy Immune System is your best defense against any sort of virus or bacteria which may attempt to invade my system. Year after year throughout the so-called “flu season”

I see my co-workers succumb to the common cold, to flu without being influenced myself. I cover it, however, by being the one to pay for their lack of work. Your health Immune system may also be your best defense against these bugs. I challenge everyone reading this guide to be acquainted with your own bodies’ natural healing procedure.

Immune System functions

A better comprehension of how your Immune System functions will inspire you to nurture this system. Let’s just have a glimpse, beginning with your skin -the largest organ of the body. Your unbroken skin is the first line of defense against foreign invaders in your body. Yet, these opening weren’t left defenseless. The nose has hair-like projection or cilia that literally push back organism with that port of entry. The mouth has mucus membranes that secrete mucus for the purpose of trapping those intruders.

Your Immune System is rather a master layout. If, for some reason, your outside defense-your skin, has a break in ethics, allowing foreign invasion, the inner defense system-your white blood cells comes into swift action. Your phagocytes chews up uninvited guests that invade your system. Your lymphocytes will be the memory cells and the recall organisms which tried to gain entrance and create immunity to those organisms.


What a model of healthcare. Shouldn’t this be the one we model- Prevention? I’m glad you asked. Your cells comprise of over 100 trillion cells. DNA or routine for new cells. Your cells are replace about every 120 days. The quality of your new cells depends upon you. Yes, on the choices you make regarding nurturing or not nurturing these cells. If you give you body what it requires. Your body will heal itself. As a consequence of giving my body what it needed, my eyesight is better now than it was 30 years back. A side effect of me giving my body what it had was my body removing gallstones. My gut issues which became acute and leaving me facing surgery is nearly completely solved because I keep giving my body what it needs to cure itself. Your body was created to heal itself!