Is There A Herbal Treatment For Menopausal Weight Gain?

Valerian Tea

Gaining weight during menopause is typical, but it can most certainly be helped. You don’t need to start exercising for an hour daily, and you do not need to eat nothing but salads. In actuality, there are herbal remedies that may really help with weight gain and menopause. These herbal supplements can make it easier to shed weight safely and quickly. We are not talking about nutritional supplements that will raise your metabolism, and we are not claiming that these herbs are the magic remedy to losing weight.

Stress Factor

You still have to eat sensibly and exercise in moderation. What these herbs really do is alleviate stress. You might be wondering how anxiety relief is related to weight loss, and you’re about to discover. A growing number of research is being done now on cortisol, a hormone that causes weight gain. On a normal basis, your body will produce specific levels of cortisol, which helps regulate blood pressure and glucose levels.

When you’re psychologically stressed, however, your body will have physiological reactions, among which is generating more cortisol. When your body generates more cortisol than it really needs, it may cause your body to retain more fat, especially around your middle, where fat retention is the most harmful for your health, especially during menopause.


Over time, elevated levels of cortisol can cause you to retain lots of fat, and reducing your levels of stress can actually cause you to shed fat. Knowing this, then, it is pretty clear that using herbs to lower your stress levels may also help you shed weight.

There are a few distinct kinds of herbs which you can use to decrease anxiety, such as chamomile and lavender, each of which may be brewed into teas. These herbs are mild, however, and there are two herbs that may affect your stress levels more strongly: valerian and hops. Valerian is a really strong herb which can be brewed as a tea or taken in pill form. While scientists are unsure precisely how valerian affects the entire body, it is sure it does affect the nervous system in a way that calms you down.


Some studies have demonstrated that valerian acts like GABA, a hormone which reacts with certain hormones that are linked to sleep and stress. Valerian, when used once or on a regular basis, can help calm nervous energy, insomnia, and stress-related anxiety. Another herb for anxiety relief is emptied, which may be used in tea or in a capsule form. Again, nobody is quite certain how hops affects the entire body, but it has a sedative effect.

Hops may be used to relieve nervousness, tension, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. Although you can use either valerian or jumps on its own to assist you calm down and alleviate stress, they might be much more effective when used in conjunction. However, when combined they’re more powerful, so consult an herbalist or a physician who specializes in complementary medicine before you use them together on a regular basis to prevent any potential side effects. You will immediately feel the stress relieving effects of valerian and hops, but the anxiety relief might not immediately allow you to drop weight.


Over time, however, the reduced levels of cortisol in your blood can allow you to burn fat more efficiently and keep it off over time. This safe, natural remedy is among the best methods to avoid weight gain during menopause.