¿Es el spray de pimienta una defensa personal no letal?

Foto de una mujer usando un spray de pimienta para defenderse de un asaltante en un callejón oscuro.  La chica está sola y asustada, pero tiene un bote de gas lacrimógeno como medida de seguridad.  El ladrón se esconde en las oscuras sombras del callejón.

When you hear the words’self defense’ there are a couple of pictures that may come to mind. Despite the fact that I have been in the company of non-lethal self-defense products for several years now I still hear these words and picture someone doing karate.


The words are fairly self-explanatory though; self defense is just the act of defending one’s self. I believe everyone should have a strategy for protecting themselves and in my humble opinion I think one of these ways should include being as humane to your fellow man as possible and should by all means be non-lethal. I don’t need to be responsible for taking the life of another whatever the conditions.

I believe everybody should have some way of protecting themselves constantly but in exactly the exact same time I believe in the motto’live and let live’. Therefore I always make sure I’m carrying some tool of non-lethal self reliant in my person at all times and more frequently than not this instrument is pepper spray. Pepper spray is immensely good at stopping an assault.

Actually some police studies have revealed that pepper spray may be every bit as powerful as some handguns and unlike a handgun it may stop an assault without even sending another human being on the hospital or morgue. Why should we care so much about the well-being of somebody who has just attempted to strike us when that individual obviously does not have the same respect for our own life or well-being? How about because we are the better man (or woman) and show empathy for others even if they may not show the same compassion and humanity for us.

Also people can change and some offenders can be rehabilitated and we should perhaps give people a second chance to redeem themselves, somewhat difficult to do if you have just been shot in the head. For instance, let us say some bad guy who’s down on his luck finds himself strung out on drugs and to get his next fix decides to grab a handbag. This gentleman is breaking the law and should surely be punished but does he deserve to die or even be eternally hurt? I don’t believe he does.

Nota final

Besides the moral elements of picking pepper spray over other kinds of self-defense it’s only a weapon that’s excellent for any god-fearing, law-abiding citizen since it’s not just effective but simple to carry and incredibly easy to use with no formal training. So for all these reasons I hope that the next time you’re thinking about a piece of self defense that you make it pepper spray.