¿Se puede curar el cáncer de forma natural?

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Over the years there have been numerous false claims about cancer, the biggest one is that it has to be eliminated quickly, no matter the side effects of the treatment. What you will not be told is that you will need to generate some changes, particularly dietary ones to prevent it from spreading because that is when it turns into a killer.


Just removing it by surgery, chemotherapy or radiation will not stop it spreading to a different location and that is why so many men and women are dying of the disease. Learn about cancer, particularly its causes since there can be no true cure until you eliminate its causes. The best physician you have is within your own body and it is called the immune system.

It’s a known fact that all cancers are due to an immune system that was not working properly and enabled cancer cells to grow so that must be your first priority. Strengthen your immune system. Everybody except the individual is doing well now days in the company of treating cancer and the present methods are appallingly unsuccessful. The reasons being they concentrate only on the growths themselves and the growths aren’t the problem.


They’re just a symptom of the issue. The definition of a symptom is a sign that something isn’t right and it’s the entire body where the issue is. Our mainstream medical professionals do not support natural treatments since they’re trained by the pharmaceutical sector. These industries are among the most effective and profitable businesses in the world and since there’s money involved, is the main reason you won’t be told about easy ways to cure the body of cancer naturally.

Do you believe these businesses really want someone to come alongside an inexpensive natural non toxic effective remedy? For years we’ve been told there isn’t any association between cancer and nutrition whereas now we know with certainty that what we eat or what we do not eat causes cancer. Good wholesome food according to a plant based diet will develop the immune system whereas junk food or junk food weakens the immune system.

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The human body has the capability to self cure when the immune system is working correctly. It’s poor diets, our sedentary lifestyle and a toxic overload that has caused the issue and there’s never going to be a pill to address that. You can not drug the body back to health and burning the body with radiation will not help either. Both these treatments weaken the immune system. They may shrink some of the cancer growths but long duration that does not address the problem. The way to become cancer free is to get involved and find out about it so that you can make changes, particularly to a plant based diet that’s packed with all sorts of anti cancer substances, many of them more powerful and effective than any drug. The body’s capacity to heal itself is remarkable.