¿Es la menopausia una enfermedad?

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Though menopause isn’t a disorder it does cause problems to your health in the event you’re careless or cannot handle it properly. Let’s believe that you never had this problem where it can alarm you to a large extent, and you may actually skip a heartbeat. The major predicament of menopause is that the incidence of a heart prolapse.

¿Qué hacer?

Always avoid stressing yourself throughout the menopause phase. Don’t get perplexed at the frequent symptom of irregularity in menses cycle. It’s suggested that during the menopausal period you shouldn’t become stressed and this may be accomplished through a balanced routine of exercising, peaceful slumber, relaxing for controlled cortisol hormone action that increases during pressures.

Increase in this hormone may cause problems to your heart which makes it work faster for supplying oxygen to tissues and cells. Researchers find that cortisol may lead to beginning of abnormal blood pressure or diabetes. As you reach middle age, a reduced hormonal action causes menopause, which has to be balanced with higher value diets and altered living styles. High nutrition also should be controlled by regular burning of calories and toning of the bones to prevent osteoporosis.

Nota final

The phenomena of what we call menopause won’t trouble you for the rest of your life because it’s just a temporary stage during the middle-age. Many females move over the menstrual interval around an age of 50 or so. The best way to minimize this inevitable phase in your life is to maintain a healthy living style, nutrition and exercise, and obviating stressed conditions in your everyday regime. A future article will think about a case study on the issues and solution for women who’ve had a hysterectomy and may be affected by menopausal symptoms if not careful.