¿Es un mundo de mujeres?

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Men may love to labor under the illusion that the world is their oyster but the fact is; this is a woman’s world. Generally, married guys look less confused about who figuratively wears the pants, but now this fact extends way beyond the boundaries of ruling the roost. Rather than changing the system, outspoken females have been encouraging girls to rewrite the rules, the female way.


Shifts in the fabric of society are creating this rewrite potential and based upon how women respond we will possibly see a religious EVE-olution as hasn’t been seen before or, rather, we’ll see a return to the Dark Ages where faith totally dominated the world. As it stands staunch conservatives, such as George Dubya, are using devious means to trash the rights women have obtained and whereas formerly women’s libbers were laughed-off, this intense reaction demonstrates that the boys are running scared.

There are five big changes that have caused this social metamorphosis. The first is an’accidental’ global change to a matriarchal society. By definition a matriarchal society is one where a woman heads the household and the cultural values are passed through the female line. In households today men are absent because of divorce, workforce or simply as they’re emotionally unavailable and by departing parenting into the mother, girls are passing on their feminine heritage to both their boys and girls.

Secondly, technology has so radically altered the work environment that workers no longer spend every moment of the working day being office-bound. Now networking is an integral instrument for success and with the inclusion of more flexible working hours, trends like outsourcing, contracting and the home-office are a blessing for working moms. Allied to this is the ever-increasing female financial clout. Supporting this third change, Tom Peters asserts (in Re-Imagine) the quantity of money controlled by females in corporate US makes American women the largest single market in the world.

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Additionally, it is well known that women influence the purchase of 80 percent of all consumer products and, like the present international system only values matters regarding cash, this shows how much the power of women is growing. The blurring of female and male characters is the fourth catalyst. Today we’ve got male fashion models and female engineers and with femininity being redefined to include the segment of corporate tycoon, men also are questioning the benefits of the conservative macho role. The fifth change benefits neither men nor women but nonetheless contributes to the feminisation of the planet.

Derivatives of petrochemicals such as plastics, fertilisers and pesticides create an oestrogen mimicking substance that’s causing women to menstruate as early as 8 or 9 years old. As these xeno-oestrogens interfere with testosterone they’re reducing the size of boys’ penises and are leading to increasing male infertility. While this is wholly undesirable, it is ironic that the largest present crisis within the patriarchal system is oil, the very substance causing the hormonal feminisation of the planet’s population. So if women continue to act like their physical body is the only power they have, while they dwindle their energy on lo-cal diets or divert themselves with fictitious finger-nails, tucks and enhancements, strong conservatives are regressing the world to a time where women’s voices could be silenced once again.

On the other hand, if females cure themselves from the scam of their learnt habit of self-sacrifice, they could take complete advantage of these changes. Rules can be written to recreate society around the value of intellect rather than absolute power, peace rather than violence, cooperation rather than winner-takes-all, truth as opposed to political spin, prosperity in favour of lack, loving values as opposed to abusive manipulation and actual justice as opposed to man-made law.


Sweden, Norway and South Africa are the three major countries promoting women’s rights. Each of these countries may be an incubator for more humane forms of social organisation. Sure there are enormous challenges ahead but the real stumbling block for girls is the restriction of not needing to violate the rules of becoming a good, obedient and dependent little girl. But it’s worth recalling that good girls go nowhere, only gutsy girls – that violate the rules – win.