¿Cómo mantienen las mujeres su sexualidad?

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Beth is twenty-three years old, from school for just over a year and eight months to her”dream” job working for a magazine. She shares an apartment in town with her longtime friend, Mary. She should be sitting on top of earth. But she is not. She drags herself out of bed every morning, struggling to will herself to have cleaned up and prepared for work.

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She barely eats. Her hair, which was thick and luxurious has begun to seem a little dry. Her apparent skin is becoming prone to migraines. Beth hears the words but they do not resonate. When she broke up with her boyfriend of three years, after she discovered he’d been cheating on her, she was hurt but also mad. He’d betrayed her. Beth was a stellar student in high school and a varsity athlete. She moved into a first-tier university where she starred in women’s volleyball. She was pretty, proud and popular.

She carried all that into her post-graduate life. She was ready to conquer the entire world. And then her world fell apart. Mary, along with Beth’s other friends, were supportive and encouraged Beth to go out. But Beth was not interested. It was not that she wanted her old boyfriend back. No, he’d crossed an unforgivable line in her mind. However, with him gone, she appeared to have lost her sense of confidence and self, and with these two things, her sexuality. Beth had lost her mojo. Her vitality.


While her friends were convinced that if she’d only become involved with “someone new” or, as one of her bolder friends suggested, “get laid” she’d have the ability to move on beyond this challenging stage in her life. But what Beth knew was engaging in sex wasn’t going to change anything until she felt better about herself until her sexuality and sense of self was assured. Her experience had left her with no assurance and without trust – in men and in her own judgment about guys.

Before she could return to her “old” confident self, she needed to find a way back to her awareness of her sexuality. What frightened her was the idea that her awareness of a powerful heritage, a strong sense of self had just been the result of her connection; a connection that she believed was based on lies. How can she get her sexuality back? Sharon wished she had Beth’s problems – or, at least, her understanding of Beth’s problems. In her head, despite coming from a challenging relationship and break-up, Beth had the world at her feet. The point is, she was young and unencumbered.

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Which wasn’t at all of the way that Sharon watched her own life. At twenty-seven, Sharon had been married for six years and had given birth to her second child three months before. She was in the middle of taking an extremely harsh evaluation of herself as she stood and studied her nude reflection in the full-scale mirror in her bedroom. From the fine lines forming in the corners of her lips and eyes to the shift in her breasts into her stretch marks her buttocks and, as she looked over her shoulder, her back end, she felt her sense of self diminishing.

It was years since she had allowed her husband to see her naked under the unforgiving light, years because she felt like she’d given herself with reckless abandon to love. From breastfeeding to play dates, from night terrors that attracted her older daughter into her bed at night, the very idea of love and enthusiasm seemed like a cruel tease. She remembered herself only a few years younger than Beth. She was employed as a waitress in an upscale restaurant, hoping to construct a career as a model.

She had the exotic cheekbones and long, graceful body. She carried herself with confidence. She knew how to flirt without being ridiculous. She loved being the center of attention. She thought about what she could have done differently if she had it to do it over again. Despite her dissatisfaction, she realized she would have gone out with Don; still married him. She would still have wanted to get her two small girls.


In her desire to get some of her “childhood” and young looks back – not to mention a little more time – Sharon shares a frequent concern, one which many girls somewhat”past their prime” feel. Jane is forty-eight years old. She’s very much an “everywoman.” She’s not particularly striking at all. She’s nice looking. At different times in her life, she was described as “pleasant-looking” and, to her distress, “handsome.” She always thought she was a bit “thick” around the hips and “light” around the chest. To put it differently, her body shape is the same as many girls.

She didn’t play sports as a young woman. She was, however, popular in college. She was a prom-queen runner-up her senior year. Married for twenty-seven decades, Jane is much more satisfied with her life than unsatisfied. She’s the mother of 3 children. Her son is twenty-five and her women are twenty-two and nineteen. She finds it amazing that she’s the mother of a son of twenty five. Then she laughs. It’s a soft, self-depreciating laugh. Jane is a beautiful woman.

She’s been a PTA president and Girl Scout Leader. She’s made tens of thousands of school lunches for her kids and sat up many nights waiting for them to come home from dates and excursions. She’s been engaged and involved in their lives and she’s loved pretty much every moment of it. She’s an amazing woman, for the most part satisfied with her life. She wears simple jewelry. Her wedding band. A lone diamond on her other hand. A gold chain around her neck. Her brown hair is just beginning to grey. She believes it’s strange that a lady her age is believing that she feels nineteen.

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Not that she discovered being nineteen to be this wonderful. She feels that she’s lost something, something essential through time and she wants it back. But she does not know how. Arlene is small in stature but large in emotion and excitement. One of the first things that she’ll tell you about herself is that she was a “tomboy” when she was young. Even forty-five decades later, her tomboy accomplishments bring her clear satisfaction. Naturally, as she climbed through girlhood and adolescence, the tomboy tag wore somewhat thin. Coming out was rather an eye-opener for me,” she clarified. “Not that coming out then was what it currently is.