¿Cómo tratar la sequedad vaginal?

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Vaginal dryness is a frequent symptom suffered by nearly one in three menopausal women. Vaginal dryness causes irritation, bleeding and painful sexual intercourse. It can lead to embarrassment and avoidance of sexual relations during a time when menopause gets you feeling discordant and thrown off your usual course.


The hormone estrogen reduces during menopause and the physical changes your body is going through may lead to lack of moisture in the vagina and a decline in the natural lubrication during foreplay. As the vaginal walls lean and become less elastic, intercourse can lead to burning and pain. You may try water-based lubricants and they might help to eliminate the discomfort you’re feeling.

Additionally, there are OTC vaginal moisturizers. You may feel like preventing lovemaking all together. If your partner is also experiencing his own problems with erectile dysfunction, it may seem that gender is off limits and this may lead to tension in your marriage. The course of action you should take is to check first with your gynecologist. She’ll examine you for other possible causes first, simply to rule out anything more serious. Then she may suggest alternative treatments, such as HRT, oral hormone replacement remedies or MHT, menopausal hormone therapy like an estrogen patch.

These have proved very helpful in returning your sex life to ordinary, but they’re not without side effects. Ensure to cover the treatment choices with your physician before you begin taking them. If the hormone therapy is too powerful for you, or you’re not a great match for this, you can have a vaginal estrogen cream, which has a lower dose of estrogen and will help your body create natural lubrication again.

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Another kind of this is a vaginal estrogen ring inserted into the vagina where it could discharge a continuous dose of estrogen. The ring itself is very soft and flexible and is replaced every 3 months. You could even choose the vaginal estrogen pill, it’s a suppository you add everyday for around three weeks and then you skip a week. Again, check with your gynecologist to find out if these treatments might be ideal for you.

Avoid douching or taking bubble baths, both may result in irritating vaginal dryness. Don’t use some of the new vaginal lubricants that should make your senses increase. Most use peppermint oil, which is highly annoying on your sensitive regions, which is the way they operate and will only make things worse.

Do try extending the foreplay on your experiences and attempt to discover a way to work around your problem, so that the two of you’re happy. Sometimes taking an adventurous part in lovemaking and maintaining an open mind can help you through this time. Ask your gynecologist about other options she may recommend. She’s seen this often in her clinic and might have something you can use. Ask about alternative therapies and potential herbal supplements.