¿Cómo tratar la piel seca de la menopausia?

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If you’re one of the millions of women which are observing that lovely fifty something milestone in a life well lived you should be rejoicing in the accomplishments you’ve achieved along life’s journey. Unfortunately, you might also be experiencing the uncomfortable effects of hormonal aging.


Among the several symptoms that come with the onset of menopause is a really noticeable dry skin condition which appears to rob us immediately of the dewy, fresh appearance and restful look of youthful healthy, vibrant skin. For many women menopause plays havoc with normal estrogen and hormone levels. There’s a marked unbalance that contributes to the symptoms of hormonal aging such as odd mood swings, depression, night sweats, unexplained weight gain and bloating issues, and most of all critical changes in our skin. Loss of stability is most frequently associated with dry skin issues.

This is mostly because of decreasing estrogen production at the beginning of pre-menopause. The most tell tale signs are dull, dehydrated skin, sagging, fine lines around the eyes and moderate to deep wrinkles around the mouth, jaw line, neck and decollete. Taking measures to relieve menopausal dry skin needs to be taken immediately. When stressed, vulnerable skin lacks critical moisture it requires which will advance the aging process leaving behind signs of irreversible harm.

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There are a couple of anti-aging skin care tips which are simple to follow and will make a significant difference in the look and texture of your skin – that goes for your whole body, not just your face. After all, every women wants to get toned arms and legs in addition to other more delicate parts of their body. The ideal place to begin is by making sure to put money into anti-aging skincare products that are intended for hormonal aging.

Typical over the counter tops and night creams simply don’t have the effective ingredients which are needed to take care of your skins specific needs. Cosmeutical skin care products like the Murad Resurgence skincare line is among the most well known and effective anti-aging skincare regimes available today. Although Murad skincare products aren’t readily available in many stores you’ll have the ability to easily find them on line.

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Additionally, there are other very important aspects to managing menopausal skin and other ailments. Make certain that you stay well hydrated at all times. A wholesome diet that’s full of vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids that are skin loving nutrient foods like Salmon, natural avocados and nuts should be staples in your diet. Limit your alcohol and caffeine consumption to a bare minimum. These are just two ingredients that rob your skin of significant moisture. Substitute healthy fruit and vegetable juices which provide fiber and essential vitamins to the skin. }

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Avoid over exposure to the suns damaging rays. Natural Vitamin D absorption in sunlight should just be taken 15 minutes at a time. Use a fantastic sun block at all other times when outside. Get a good nights sleep. Restful sleep equates to precious skin restoration. Make certain that you have at least six to eight hours of uninterrupted, deep sleep each night. Take loads of skin loving vitamin supplements like Vitamin E, Biotin and Vitamin B-12. All these contain powerful antioxidants which fend off skin damaging free radicals and support healthy skin tissue. Make sure you use pure topical Vitamin E and Vitamin C as a natural way to moisturize your face in addition to your body.


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