How To Treat Hemorrhoids Whitout Surgery?

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Hemorrhoids are the most common social condition. Anyone who is infected with hemorhoids can be grounded immediately. This is especially true if the hemorhoids are prolapsed or external. Hemorrhoids can be described as swollen arterial blood vessels that are located in the lower part and at the anus.

Remedios caseros

Home remedies for hemorhoids are a good alternative to surgery. As long as the hemorhoids remain attached to the wall of your rectum, they are not painful. They can be very painful if they protrude from the anus. These are called prolapsed hemorhoids. External hemorhoids can be very painful.

Normally, a person with this condition will cancel all social engagements. All types of hemorhoids can be treated with the same steps.

¿Qué hacer?

  • You should eat a balanced diet. You should avoid processed foods and sugary stuff. A balanced diet should include plenty of fibers. Fibers are found in fruits and vegetables. You can also purchase supplementary fibers from pharmacies or drug stores if you wish.
  • Do not delay if you feel the need to bowel move. Any delay could lead to constipation or diarrhea.
  • Get plenty of water every day. Allow yourself to drink no less than two liters of fluid each day. To ensure consistency, this will increase the weight of your stool.
  • Get active to maintain your ideal weight. Hemorrhoids can be caused by prolonged sitting or sedentary living.
  • Take a Vitamin C 1000mg tablet. This will be your daily supplement to stop hemorhoids from developing. Vitamin C is known to increase the strength of your body cells. The blood vessels will be strengthened, which will eventually eliminate hemorhoids. The preparation must also include bioflavoids, rutin, and hesperidin. These will help shrink hemorhoids.


Home remedies for hemorhoids can be very helpful in treating this condition. They can be used to replace expensive surgery, which can lead to relapses. These remedies are very cost-effective, safe, and effective.