How To Take Care Of Your Teeth?

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Allow me to tell you about my Zoom Whitening experience. For those who are unaware about teeth whitening products, the Zoom product is professional use only. Works rather quickly as opposed to the every night crest whitestrips. But it will cost more. I went into the dentist’s office and was set up with the dentist.


She moved over my teeth to eliminate and residue or plaque to have a clean tooth surface to use the zoom gel. They put something on my teeth to protect them in the gel. It felt like rubber, but it was a gel which was in a tube. They had an appliance to hold my mouth open so I did not need to hold a terror shout place the whole time I was there. Cotton ball rolls were used to maintain my lips off my teeth.

They essentially need your teeth exposed, just your teeth, and to just let them hang there in the air while they apply the gel. She painted on the gel, which is a hydrogen peroxide gel. They then used a Zoom mild to enhance the whitening. It seemed like a black light. They did my six front teeth, top and bottom, 12 total.

What now?

They applied the geldid the zoom lamp, and they then wiped off the gel, and implemented more gel. They did this 3 times to the identical set of teeth. So, overall, it took approximately an hour and a half before I was ready to go. I got to catnap between whitening. What happened after I left? The zoom whitening continued to whiten my teeth 12-18 hours after the procedure. So, I could not drink any heavy staining beverages like coffee, cokes, or java.

But wait, I’ll miss my caffeine rush. You might require a caffeine pill or take an Excedrin migraine pill. I believe they have caffeine. It was embarrassing to have my mouth propped open for so long, and the chemical gets into the tooth, dentin or pores of their teeth so that they were sensitive to all. But, about 20 hours later, I was good as new.


The whitening had taken my teeth were no longer sensitive. I heard some people it takes up to 3 times to return to normal, but I was fine. I wanted to share my expertise with you if you’re considering the zoom whitening in office therapy. They also had a house remedy that you can use, but I wanted to benefit from the 33% more whitening with that zoom lamp that they used. I can tell they’re whiter. Suppose to get up to 8 shades whiter. I don’t know how much I got, but it will seem much better.


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