¿Cómo apoyar su sistema inmunológico con hierbas?

Closeup shot of tropical green plant. Aloe vera. Macro shot. Summer background

Your immune system is an elaborate defense system that could easily shame even the technologically advanced defense systems employed by the Unites States in places like Iraq, South Korea and Afghanistan. It might not be visible to the naked eye, but your body wages war against all kinds of intruders like germs, viruses, and germs.

A war!

And surprisingly, your body wins these wars the majority of the time; otherwise you’ll be sick for the majority of your life. Thanks to your immune system, you’re protected from diseases and dangerous microorganisms. But even so, your immune system isn’t a perfect mechanism. Your disease-fighting cells also require help. Your immune system’s functionality is just as good as the strength of its own functioning. And there are times your immune defense system just can’t perform its tasks efficiently, which means you get sick.

The biggest factor that can make or break your immune system is nourishment. That’s right; the potency of your disease-fighting cells is dependent on the quality of the food that you consume. Most importantly, there are herbs and essential substances which are regarded as natural boosters to the immune system. Whatever happens, building up your immune system occupies a great deal to the food that you put in your mouth. Here are a few very important herbs and essential substances that may boost your immune system.


Whenever you start sneezing, you hear your doctor telling you to catch your Vitamin C. This substance has been demonstrated to help ease the symptoms of common colds. Vitamin C is good at fighting viral infections exactly like those caused by several cold viruses. A couple of years ago, there was a bird flu outbreak in many parts of Asia. And among the most significant things that separated people who were spared from individuals who succumbed to the bird flu was extensive quantities of Vitamin C. Truly, this important substance is now synonymous with the term immune booster.

You can find this important substance from fruits such as oranges, Brussels sprouts, and raspberries. This herb is owned by the Buttercup family of plants. It’s been used for medicinal purposes by the aborigines long before their country was called Australia. For a moment, it was chiefly applied as a cure for gonorrhea and syphilis. But through the years, studies have concluded that Goldenseal can help prevent all significant disease in your body. In terms of colds, this plant can substantially decrease the redness of your mucous membranes, thereby decreasing your sneezing and the itchiness on your throat.

In Europe, this plant is a favourite thing among the list of remedies for colds and cough. Doctors and practitioners of alternative medicine also urge this herb for acute viral infections like flu. Some experts feel that Echinacea can stimulate your immune system, which makes it ready at all times to ward off disease-causing germs or viruses.

¿Lo sabías?

Since the time of the Egyptian culture thousands of years back, Aloe Vera has been chosen for its vitamin and mineral contents. This plant provides you more than just glossy and smooth hair; it may also significantly improve your immune system since it also contains significant infection-fighting enzymes and amino acids. Indeed, a strong immune system is the trick to preventing most, if not all, forms of disease or illness from happening to you. Though you might not have adequate time and resources to collect all the essential herbs and substances such as the ones mentioned previously, the great news is that you can use products like Immunitril which contain the nutrients you need for a stronger immune system.