¿Cómo apoyar la lucha de la madre menopáusica?

Mujer feliz de mediana edad pasando tiempo de calidad con su hermosa hija al aire libre

Is it really normal to become an mad, chubby woman the majority of the times if you’re undergoing menopausal stage? To start with, let us understand the meaning of the word so we could get a better understanding about it. Menopause is a component of a woman’s life cycle.


Either she’s married or not, she’ll undergo this physiological transition in the latter part of her life. When we say transitional changes , it’s a stage acquainted with everyone. Yes, everyone (again) moves this point during adolescence. A psychologist even states that menopause is the natural end to get a woman as a servant of the specie. Other researchers say that menopause is a “hormone deficiency disease”.

Whatever the findings of specialists in this subject, menopause, what I wanted to highlight is: a menopausal woman is undergoing so many changes that has serious consequences in her physical, emotional and mental state. To have the ability to conquer or deal with these”negative” changes, a lady needed support, understanding and attention from her loved ones. What to do to make them inviting to the mom of the family? Know the actual meaning of menopause.


The father, as the head of the household and the spouse of the girl should understand not just the meaning of the term, but also the how, what, why of the expression. Share the burden. Both the father and the mother must”brain storm” The mother should discuss her feelings, her fears, her desires, and whatever knowledge she has about the topic.

Sharing anything alleviates the hardship by half. Include the children. It’s not only the mother that’s influenced by the transitory changes. Whatever she believed, it shows. A family meeting is essential even prior to the “phenomenon” occurs. Educate the family.

Nota final

As soon as possible, this subject should be part of family gatherings, even as a passing, or jokingly, or through the “household”. A family that shares not only love, but also the difficulties, will always find that whatever hurdles come, the battle is simpler. The bonding will be more powerful for a family that shares and encourage each other.