¿Cómo detener la menstruación?

Reloj de arena sobre fondo rosa - Concepto de tiempo y mujer

How can you like being called a “baby bearer”? Not merely are you currently a baby-bearer, but that is also your ‘natural role’! Do you wish to stop the phenomenon of rain because it’s inconvenient to be outdoors while it’s wet? We’ve become this type of convenience-based culture, that people seek to get rid of anything uncomfortable slightly, of the consequences regardless.


Lets imagine a global without rain: warm temperatures abide, sunlight is shining year-round, per year we can benefit from the outside 365 days, you don’t need to fill up on warm boots or cloths, it’s yet another day in paradise! Perhaps you have noticed the way the outside is but surely blow drying slowly? The grasses have turned yellow, as did the trees. Creeks, rivulets, rivers, and lakes slowly out shrink and dry, having no rain to replenish them. It requires time to allow them to evaporate to nothing, but their disappearance is inevitable.

Animals begin to die as their water sources vanish, and wait, think about us? Where do we reach drink from? Our reservoirs are empty almost. Well, but forget about bothersome rain is falling, isn’t a positive thing? Devising a pill that wipes out menstruation is similar to creating a way for eradicating rain! Both rain and menstruation are necessary to your life cycle. Either could be inconvenient, or enjoyed, based on your willingness and attitude!

Es bueno saberlo

In the event that you bundled up and took a toddler out in the torrential rain ever, splashed in a paddle, or lifted your mind and tried to catch raindrops on your own tongue up, you understand how joyful the “inconvenient” rain could be! And, yes, you’ll want been terribly inconvenienced by rains on many occasions also, once we all have. Is this an excellent enough reason to start out working on options for rain suppression?

Suppressing menstruation is really as short sighted as rain suppression! You start with the truth that we have no idea what the future hormonal repercussions may be, suppressing menstruation is tempering with the blueprint of womanhood! Just as that we cannot thrive in a no-rain world, we can not thrive in a mono method of being. But think about PMS, cramps, mood swings? Remember being miserable in the torrential rain versus reveling inside it? Rain isn’t to inconvenience us there.

Tenga en cuenta

It’s there for grounds, also it calls us to be joyful inside it if we so choose. Likewise, PMS & most physical or emotional symptoms {linked to} menstruation are therefor reasonable. Suppressing menstruation is killing the messenger! We are able to thank the body for reminding us that we have been on the run and it’s time to fully stop for some time. We are able to appreciate the chance when planning on taking stock, for renewing ourselves emotionally, in the same way our womb renews itself physically by shedding it’s inner lining monthly.

Fighting our body’s message will produce symptoms, or aggravate the mild ones which we ignore. Taking time off, day of one’s period on the very first, even though you can only just spare minutes each morning before other people in family members gets up, can help you attune to your inner rhythm.


You might soon discover you’re drawing strength and renewal from your own body’s rhythm, than attempting to get rid of it rather. The manufacturers of the menstrual suppression pill would like to encourage one to not bother. To possess every day function as same: sunny, dry, and linear.But who you rather pay attention to: pharmaceutical companies or your personal body?