¿Cómo detener el aumento de peso en la menopausia?

una joven tiene dificultades para abotonarse los vaqueros

Nowadays, there are plenty of expensive supplements and treatment, which can help relief menopause symptoms like hot flashes and weight gain in the marketplace. However, compare to spending money on the latest menopause remedies, simply maintain healthful weight will be effective on treating those symptoms of menopause.


Latest research have proven that choosing the perfect nutrients and changing diet behaviour is among the best ways to prevent menopausal weight gain. Generally, menopause involves a struggle with weight reduction due to estrogen level reduction, and the fat will moves from hips down to the stomach.

As your body’s estrogen level decreased, your metabolism will slow down, and this might cause loss of bone mass. Moreover, these physical changes on a menopausal woman will immediately increase the chance to acquire high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Healthy lifestyle

Controlling diet and changing eating behaviour is a very simple process to prevent menopausal weight gain. Food as a natural remedy can help reduce the symptoms of menopause efficiently. Studies have shown that rather than simply eating less to make negative energy balance, taking great foods or nutrient is better for a long-term weight reduction.

Some researchers claimed that by changing dietary patterns, it might assist in maintaining long-term weight reduction for postmenopausal ladies. For many menopausal women, the behaviour changes like growth taking of supplements and reduces dessert consumption helps to eliminate weight and stay a healthy weight after 48 months.

Even, there’s also strong evidence demonstrated that dietary changes are more effective than drugs or remedies to alleviate menopause symptoms. By taking healthy diet not only give your body with essential nutrients however it could assist in balancing hormones and enhance mood. Most plant foods provide phytochemicals such as Phytoestrogens which just like estrogen and behave as weak estrogen hormone in your system.

¡Toma nota!

These phytochemicals will affect your body and thinking it’s more estrogen than it actually does and can ease some of the menopause symptoms. If you’ve put on excessive weight during menopause, it might be something wrong with your eating habits or hormone levels. You want to talk with your doctor on this specific issue if your menopause symptoms appear overwhelming. Besides, taking vitamins and nutrition can help you feel better and build healthy habits that will serve you well for the rest of your life.