¿Cómo detener las náuseas de la menopausia?

Asian middle-aged woman suffering from headache in the room

When you start getting bouts of nausea in fifty, and receive a twinge like a small period pain most months, accompanied with feeling of morning sickness, then you’re definitely experiencing menopause nausea. It’s so embarrassing that you would rather have hot flushes as opposed to nausea. Some women who do not understand the symptoms feel it is hormonal.


Nausea is a frequent symptom of perimenopause. It affects women in various ways – sometimes girls are struck by a ferocious wave of nausea before the start of hot flushes, though others get influenced in a more dramatic fashion when they’re stressed or irritated. Some girls have blamed it on fatty food. What’s the link between menopause and nausea? For most women nausea is triggered by numerous causes, which are usually indirectly about the aging process and the elimination of menstrual cycle.

Nausea can occur because of lack of estrogen. The symptoms aren’t constant – they come and go as the menstrual cycle dwindles. Balance of hormones is so vital in a woman’s body during their’before menopause’ life that the absence of it can cause complete havoc. The bio-chemical changes can lead to anything from digestive problems to exhaustion. They can lead to nausea, dizziness and headaches in addition to normal symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats and cramps.


It is an important hormone which flows within a female’s body. It retains the sugars and electrolytes levels balanced. Any fall in this hormone level can lead to imbalance and menopause nausea may occur. Many women opt for hormone replacement therapy. But some women decide to employ a progesterone cream that helps to relieve the symptoms of nausea and other issues.

Drinking tons of water and juices can help in preventing the electrolyte balance. Diet plays a significant part for menopausal women. During the menopause the gastrointestinal system is changed to certain degree. Hence foods that never before produced any side effects may disturb you today, and frequently become a cause of nausea. When you plan a diet for this period, include a great deal of fibers. These foods are amazing for women experiencing menopausal nausea as they maintain the stomach and intestinal tract clean. Avoid eating foods which create nausea and eat foods such as fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates.

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Many physicians believe and suggest to their patients that handling the diet and adding exercise to their normal lifestyle will reduce the signs of nausea. Reduce your intake of caffeine. Instead have a decaffe. Avoid eating foods that contain high quantity of sugar. If nausea occurs in the morning, avoid having dairy products and foods that are full of iron and zinc. Menopause nausea is a dreadful symptom which ought to be treated seriously. You don’t need to suffer from feeling ill through this phase.