¿Cómo detener los sofocos de forma natural?

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You might have never heard of the herb; that is OK, keep an open mind to what you might want to prevent hot flashes naturally. Now this herb is Oat Straw. Honestly, I’m in complete awe of the massive number of herbs reported to reduce or provide relief. I don’t know about you but I know that Mother Nature is really outstanding.

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So allow me to let you know what I’ve learned about this Oat and how it may be used to assist you put an end to your menopausal discomfort. Additionally it is referred to as Avena sativa, i.e., meaning nourishing and cultivating, has numerous therapeutic properties and use. It’s an annual grass and is in flower during June and July while the seed in the plant ripen from August to October. When the seed is harvested and dried it has a feel like flour and has a creamy flavor.

The ripe dry stalks are used for making the tea or infusion. Oat Straw can also be used as a food crop. Oat Straw reportedly has helped in the treatment of menopause related depression, memory loss, restless legs, or anxiety. It calms and balances the hormonal system. Also it’s excellent for encouraging against osteoporosis that is a frequent concern among menopausal women. Additionally, it assists in the building of strong bones, mental clarity, strong nervine, i.e., acts therapeutically upon the nerves that’s welcomed during the overwhelming challenges of menopause.

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A note, after gaining insight to the benefits of this extraordinary herb I decided to go to my local health food shop with the intention of trying it out for myself. Incidentally, I must admit I have a love affair with my neighborhood health food store because I will purchase lots of the herbs in bulk. While there my holistic nutritionist informed me of additional health benefits of this herb. The benefits work to encourage menopausal women in the reduction of osteoporosis, depression and nervous exhaustion.

Additionally, my nutritionist shared with me added benefits of the herb. Some of the additional advantages are boosting the immune system, building bones, encouraging pain relief, and reducing those horrible panic attacks while decreasing anxiety that are all too commonplace with women who undergo menopause. Additionally, I heard from the information I gained from my trip to the health food shop the Oat is full of calcium and magnesium. Also, it can be used for both nervous and physical fatigue and is great for depression that are frequent complaints of menopausal women.


Mother Nature for looking out for us. Oak Straw can be obtained as an alcohol tincture, as a tea, as well as on your bath. For the bath you’d use about 1 pound Oat Straw to two quarts boiling water and leave for thirty minutes. Initially, I intend to use Oat Straw in my bathroom in a bid to get the ultimate in comfort as well as in tea form. There are no known drugs or nutritional supplement interaction related to the use of Oat Straw.

Please remember it is always important to consult your health practitioner before starting any remedies to be certain they won’t damage your wellbeing nor have any adverse consequences. The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only. This novel, and the product contained herein aren’t meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.