¿Cómo salvar su vida?

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When your life is functioning well it is an opportune time to reflect on what you have been doing to make it like that. What are you pro-actively done? The same is true for when it spirals out of control – what are the main contributing factors? Have you ever ignored the signs and kept going hoping the situation sorts itself out instead of pro-actively making changes?

Keep in mind!

The main person in the entire wide world is you. Yet how much time, energy and money do you spend in you? How much time, energy and money do you spend in your health? I’m asking you these questions due to an incident that affected me last week. My husband is in the construction business and sadly he had been involved in an industrial accident. He cut on his right thigh muscles near his bone on sheetmetal roof which was sticking out on the website.

He had been rushed to hospital and was operated on that day, end up with over 100 plus stitches to his leg. When I managed to see him that night he seemed unbelievably well. You would not have guessed the trauma he’d been through a couple of hours earlier. He was barely in any pain. He was given medication but only lower doses. The following day he came home! His leg was heavily bandaged and he needed a lien splint to keep it straight.

¿Qué está pasando?

He could walk with the help of crutches. The sole tablets he took were the antibiotics to prevent disease, anti-inflammatories to decrease the swelling and some Panadol. On day following the surgery he discontinued all medication, and it has continued to take nutritional supplements suggested by our naturopath. How can he have bounced back so fast? It’s because he’s proactive with his or her health.

He eats healthily (the majority of the time), exercises regularly and sees our naturopath to make sure his body is working internally. In actuality, I rang the naturopath to learn what Tama had to take after his surgery to boost his immune system and accelerate the healing procedure. His body is able to withstand the injury and has a solid base to restore him back to his normal healthy state. It’ll be a couple of weeks before he’s (hopefully) back to normal with complete use of his leg. We’ll make sure he’s fighting fit with continuing physiotherapy and he will also have a modified fitness program to keep himself in good shape.

Tenga en cuenta

In actuality, I’m also planning to have him visit a spa so he could detoxify and eliminate as much compound from his body generated in the anaesthetic and tablets he was given. This may also help him lose any extra weight he’s very likely to wear due to having limited mobility. Before the crash and after the crash, time, money and effort needs to be spent in his health otherwise he’ll undergo the consequences. A couple weeks ago one of my customers felt a tingling in his finger. Being a workaholic he did not have the time to pay too much attention to it.

After all he’d meetings booked all day and they were more significant than a tingle in his finger. He was going to leave home, then dropped. Luckily for him, there was another family member in the home and they called the ambulance. John had suffered a stroke. The warning signs were there all along. He smoked, was 15kg overweight, his diet was poor and exercise was spasmodic. He worked long hours and was under tremendous pressure in his function.


Much of the pressure was due to John’s organisational abilities. He had been a poor delegator and had trouble saying ‘no’. Planning was something he did if he had the time (which meant he never did). Up until the time of his stroke, John was making progress through being trained, however he was not making enough constant effort, especially around his wellbeing. He was a tragedy waiting to happen and it did happen. Fortunately John has lived, but what a way to have a’wake up’ call. He’s certainly paying attention today and making himself the no. 1 priority in his life.

He’s had four weeks off and is gradually easing himself back into work with reduced hours and a whole new perspective on the meaning of life. We’ve looked at the choices open to him to make sure he remains well. This includes holistic medicine together with diet, exercise and relaxation. Learn how to make yourself organised so you make time for you. Find a holistic practitioner who offers a selection of health tests and can offer proactive on-going therapy and advice. You may require supplements since hardly anyone eats a 100% organic, fully balanced diet and resides in a non-toxic and anxiety free atmosphere.


Avoid people and places that don’t support what you want to accomplish, ie. Once you understand what to do and how to do it, then do it. Being fit and healthy isn’t an option. Just because you’re breathing and standing doesn’t mean you’re well. You are able to do our Work/Life Assessment to find out what elements of your life are working and where you will need to concentrate more attention. You’ll probably discover the subject of health will be a place where you definitely take a change. Wellness is about being pro-active with your own health rather than waiting until you’re ill or something happens to you. However busy you are, you surely can not be too busy to die?