How To Rise The Divine Feminine Energy?

special moment of meeting between a butterfly and a girl in the middle of nature

Personally i think we have been in a renaissance of sorts. The feminine psyche seeks unity, balance and wholeness, and wishes to infuse love and nurturing into our male-oriented dominion. We’ve lived in a worldwide world of divisiveness, having been governed for so lengthy by the patriarchy.


The upsurge of terrorism is because this grave entrenchment of the dark facet of masculine energy where the world has lived. It really is this male domination with the underlying dependence on power which has led to the ongoing aggression, corruption, greed, violence and war.

However, perhaps you have noticed what has been happening in monumental proportions all over the world in reaction to this ravaging of our NATURE and the human life that resides on earth? Al-Qaeda and its own ensconced global presence, the big corporations and their unscrupulous leaders, the leaders of the political machine through the entire national country making use of their deceit and lies.

Is this purging a way where Divine powers are calling forth the energies essential to reunite the spirit of our true existence by which we all have been connected? To transform the grave disharmony inside our world into among deep reference to each other where we move from the masculine-driven self-indulgent dependence on worldly capacity to a feminine-guided path of solidarity.


I’d say that the fantastic Mother, the collective female archetype who’s known by many names-Astarte, Ashtoreth, Au Set, Hathor, Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, Nammu, Nina, Nut and ningal, among others-is assisting and arising in the revolution our world is certainly going through. She actually is evoking in women their feminine power which has for such a long time been relegated by the masculine.

She actually is calling forth the Goddess essence that resides in every single woman to greatly help bring balance and unity right into a world which has fallen off balance. Women are embracing their feminine power because they turn within with their own microcosm. So when they find this inner joy and peace, they’re then asked to create this Divine light out in to the macrocosm of the world, providing a healing balm for the wounds which have been inflicted upon our glorious feminine Earth.

Nota final

Can this feminine power wield the sword of gentle healing and overcome the wrath of the male psyche that is imposed upon us for such a long time? It will be described as a great challenge but as a growing number of women (and men within their own evolution of connecting making use of their feminine side) rise to the duty, the more love which will suffuse our universe and bring us to an illuminated state of peace and joy and communion.

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