¿Cómo reducir el estrés?

Close up of a man's hand on ignition key about to start an suv

The world becomes a very stressful place as we age. I can recall as a child my main concerns were to ride my bicycle or if I should exchange my brother which newcomer Roger Clemens Topps card to your newcomer Andre Dawson card (I did by the way). That was how stress free my life actually was and I did not actually take the time to enjoy it.


36 years, 1 wife, 3 kids and a mortgage payment after I find myself overwhelmed with varying levels of stress at all times. I worry about money and about the security of my loved ones and about supplying them for the long haul. When I have the chance to quell some of those anxieties in a fashion that’s both extremely simple and affordable I always jump at this chance and I recently just discovered a way to reduce my stress and concern over the security of my wife and kids, the keychain alarm.

I genuinely believe that the huge majority of people on this planet are adequate, good-hearted and well-intentioned. However, there are those out there that just don’t appear to be wired very right and have a wicked streak about them that I’d rather not encounter and I would certainly rather my loved ones or any loved ones experience. For this reason I’ve equipped my spouse with a few tools of self indulgent and among those, and possibly among the best, is your keychain alarm.

Toma nota

The keychain alarm is precisely that, an alarm so small that it doubles as a keychain. Additionally, it has a very bright flashlight built into the system that comes in very handy when entering the home or car at night. The keychain alarms work by emitting a very high decibel alarm (130 decibels to be precise) that should confuse and frighten any prospective assailant who is not deaf as a post. 130 decibels is approximately equivalent to sitting in the front rows of a Megadeth concert if you will need a basis for comparison. Not only should this potent little alarm frighten the attacker using its sound but it also needs to attract the interest of every man woman and child in the area and this helps to get the police called. As long as the assailant is not also a complete moron they’ll know this and that’s what frightens them you see.