¿Cómo prevenir la osteoporosis después de la menopausia?

Back pain in woman concept. Female patient hurt from lower backache from bowel and bladder problems, palvic inflammatory disease (PID) or motherhood pregnancy.

The famous “Got Milk?” advertisement tries to convince everybody that milk is Nature’s perfect food, that is vital for babies and needed for menopause women vulnerable to osteoporosis. Each year in the initial five years after menopause a female loses 5 percent of her bone mass, which loss afterward will slow down.


So menopause women have 5 years that is the critical time and energy to reduce bone loss. Menopause women drink milk everyday to meet up calcium along with protein needs. Ironically, American menopause women drink more milk than Eastern menopause women, however they have poorer bone health than Eastern women. Therefore, milk isn’t an excellent calcium resource for menopause women. Actually, milk may have many ominous health implications.

  • Conventional milk is made by “sick” cows. An array of chemicals are administered to dairy cows legally. Cows get pregnant much earlier within their lives now. Moreover, a synthetic hormone recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST) can be used to naturally force dairy cows to create a growing number of milk. The breasts of dairy cows are stimulated so much they are almost falling right down to the ground. Dairy cows treated by rBST are inclined to get infection diseases, so dairy farmers need to use antibiotics on the cows routinely. Sadly, these dairy cows aren’t cows any longer; they’re milk machines! It really is no surprise these dairy cows have a much shorter lifespan than traditional dairy cows.
  • Conventional milk is processed within an unhealthy way. To be able to increase milk’s shelf life in the supermarket, pasteurization and homogenization are employed. Homogenization is made to avoid the cream from separating by changing how big is butterfat particles. However, homogenization makes milk more prone to build-up in blood cause and vessels atherosclerosis, that leads to high rates of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Cow milk is rich for human adults too. Basically, cow milk is really a perfect food for an evergrowing baby calf rapidly, which gains about 2 pounds everyday. But that will not mean it really is best for human adults.

Think in this manner

What goes on if the chemicals made to stimulated cell growth in baby calves send similar signals to women’s breast tissue? It might seem that milk is really a pure white inert substance filled with vitamins, proteins and minerals. However, milk itself includes a powerful cocktail of hormones and hormone-like substances. Milk is really a powerful biochemical solution of great complexity.

Studies have discovered a confident correlation between dairy product breast and consumption cancer risk. For example, a report in 1977 found a substantial increase in both consumption of milk products and the occurrence of breast cancer in Japanese cities. Also, milk is among the most common factors behind food allergies, and milk proteins have already been implicated in the event of eczema, asthma, and migraines.


Although calcium is situated in many foods, you have already been brainwashed to trust it really is only in milk. Fortunately, calcium is ubiquitous in food. Actually, broccoli has a comparable quantity of calcium as milk, so do beets, let sardine alone. Surprisingly, sea vegetables, such as for example kelp, contain about 5 times more calcium than milk.