¿Cómo aumentar la inmunidad de forma natural?

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How we THINK about health care can have a disastrous impact on how our body’s immune system fights infection. By altering the way we thinkwe can alter our health status. So what do I mean? Well in America now, once the first sign of a sniffle, cough or sore throat seem we run to have a drug. Medications are man made and artificial and hard for the body to process and remove.

Efectos secundarios

That’s the reason ALL medication has side effects. Now do not get me wrong, antibiotics can be lifesaving in a lot of conditions, but the way they’ve been used indiscriminately has resulted in the emergence of a variety of highly resistant germs. Among these are streptococcal pneumonia resistant not only to penicillin, but also all of its newer strong derivatives. This sort of bacteria is the major cause of several sinus and ear infections encountered today. It has also been proven to cause meningitis and other possibly life-threatening illnesses in adults and children.

Many physicians routinely write antibiotic prescriptions for colds, bronchitis and other respiratory ailments, in spite of the fact that they know that 90 percent of them are caused by viruses, which antibiotics don’t have any effect on. A recent study indicates that this is mostly due to anxiety doctors believe from their patients needing to take”something” for their own illness. Did you know that if you choose a medication that will not have any impact on the disease, your body builds up an immunity to that medication so that it won’t work in the long run? So in other words you take a medication when you’ve got a virus (no impact ) and then you get a fungal disease which the medication WOULD HAVE WORKED ON, but that medication now is ineffective.

About medication

Another problem that exists is when an antibiotic is given for a condition it will cure, the individual stops taking the medication as soon as they feel better and until the disease was eradicated. By doing this they’re allowing the hardiest of these bugs to multiply and survive, consequently allowing the insect to develop a resistance to the medication. Many patients say that after they felt better, they opt to save some of their medication if their symptoms return, but as soon as the symptoms do return they’re often brought on by the bugs which have built up a resistance to this antibiotic.

Research has demonstrated that children living at or below poverty levels have fewer episodes of chronic ear, respiratory and sinus infections, in contrast to others which are more affluent. One explanation of the paradox is they are less likely to receive antibiotics for every cold or upper respiratory complaint, this then enables their own immune systems to fight the infections naturally and create more resistance to potential attacks. What better way for your body to fight infections than by natural means? With the immune system working at its best, the body won’t just build resistance to several strains of bacterial and viral organisms, but will recover faster when the body is attacked. Many times a patient will consider chiropractic care as a “last resort” to help their body be healthy.

Toma nota

This is the farthest from the truth. In 1998 in the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, it was found that manipulation of the spine not only allows the whole body to communicate with the mind on a higher level, but also boosts the immune system itself. The study assessed the effects of a change on the degree of basophils (a disease fighting white blood cell), the amount of circulating red blood cells and other blood values. The results revealed an elevation in basophils by 746 percent, which lasted up to four hours after a modification when compared to a control group receiving no treatment whatsoever.

With the ability to increase the quantities of natural disease fighting cells to theses levels through chiropractic treatments, why would someone choose to interfere with this natural process with something like antibiotics that’s unnatural to the body. The answer to this question in how the American people THINKS. When we feel a bit under the weather, our present thinking process tells us to choose something that’s foreign to the body (a medication) to fight another material that’s also foreign to the body. Why not allow our bodies do what they’re intended to do and combat the issue naturally? When we allow our bodies immune system function and attack the bacteria or virus that’s affecting our system without being overrun by medication, we let it create a natural immunity to that particular bug.


Now I’m not saying there is not a time for medicine, but we should not jump at the first sign of a sniffle to have a drug. Let the body try to repair it naturally first! With the use of standard chiropractic care, someone could provoke an increase in natural infection fighting cells and build resistance to numerous infectious agents. And when our bodies have had the chance to construct natural immunity to a lot of distinct bugs, our overall health and wellbeing also improves.